I don’t want to shock anyone, but it’s snowing. Not a blizzard. No high winds or blinding whiteout. Just a regular, old-fashioned snow, falling gently from a sky almost as white as the snow falling from it.

I had to wake Garry up at 9 this morning, which is very early.

“Where,” I asked him, “Is the car?”

“At the bottom of the drive,” he yawned.

“I think you need to move it. It’s snowing.”

“Snowing? How much?”

“More than I expected. If you don’t move it, they can’t plow.” I didn’t yet know if it would exceed the 3-inch minimum for plowability, but I didn’t want to discover  it later.

Woods in winter

Garry sighed, barely avoided an actual whine. Got up, got dressed, went out, moved the car to the top of the driveway. I gave the dogs biscuits which they seemed very intent on getting, then opened the next big box o’ biscuits because — wonder of wonders — we were out of biscuits.

I know. Tragic. But not to fear because we have extras and I’d already ordered two more boxes to be delivered at Owen’s house because we are in the “no one delivers here anymore” zone.

Agile? We are not agile. Garry clumped back down from the parked car. Slowly and carefully because we are sensitive about the whole “falling down” thing. I’m always amazed at “snow people” who seem to manage something akin to grace while wearing gigantic ski boots and long flat poles on their feet. I can barely get from the house to anywhere else in snow and I do not look agile in the process.

We’re hunkering down around here. You all have a great day. We’ll be right here, where it’s warm. Drinking coffee. Listening to books … while the snow falls.

48 thoughts on “SNOWBOUND AGILITY

  1. Hope you enjoyed your day indoors, and that the driveway got plowed. Snowy morning, but cleared by afternoon- just left on the grass and trees- warm up coming over the weekend !


  2. We were supposed to get 2 to 3 inches of snow today, but we have about 4 and it’s still coming down. I wouldn’t normally care, but today was a day I absolutely, positively had to be somewhere – twice. Like you and Garry, I’m well aware of the possibility of falling down, so I’m very, very careful going down the driveway. Stay warm and safe, Marilyn.


    • We shopped yesterday when we had NO money because I knew today wouldn’t work out. We don’t have to be anywhere until Sunday Afternoon — then Monday afternoon — then two days on the following week. But all appointment this time of year are subject to weather. That’s just the way life is in the north. When Garry was working, they were really crazoid about having everyone show up and the worse the weather, the MORE important it was. That was when we started getting 4-wheel drive cars. At least he could get to work.

      Now, though, nothing is THAT important. I am SO grateful!

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  3. “I had to wake Garry up at 9 this morning, which is very early.” Wow, I cant remember the last time I slept as late as 8 a.m. But then again, I live on the west coast, so that would be 11 a.m. your time.


  4. It’s our second straight morning of flirting with zero degrees, but relief is on the way in the form of 50’s (!?!?) on Friday. I predict about 10% of the customers at Mecca on Friday night will be wearing shorts…


    • Temperatures have been up and down. We get a few days of very cold weather, another few in the forties and low fifties, then back down into the 20s. Not as cold as it was, though. For a while, it was well below zero every night and barely above it by day. My boiler was working harder than it every had before and I’m glad it made it! So some snow today, warmer tomorrow with probably slush. AND a $50 plowing. Garry is reading “Fire and Fury” and I’m reading something about time travel.

      Oh death where is thy sting-aling-aling, oh grave thy victory!


    • It’s good I’ve gotten used to being inside most of the time. It used to bother me, but it no long bothers me. I’m used to inside-ness. Time, surgery, bad hips and back have taught me to be glad I’m here at all.


          • I know. I can’t go anywhere t hey don’t have a riding cart. Do unless were going shopping it’s pointless as I can’t walk far enough. I miss out on a lot as a result, but I so spend quality time with my grand which is important. I’ve never been great in shopping. I seriously hate it, always have. So I go find what I want and leave. In a cart, its way more fun and I’m a speed demon and usually have the brands howling as well as mine, and I always make it a fun time. Interesting reactions from ppl. Most realise I’m amusing my grabs while some look on with pure disgust and annoyance. Muy daughter laughs as I always seem to come within a half inch of knocking stuff over but never do. She catches and hooks her breath every time, smirk smirk.

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            • I want a couple of those carts — one for each of us. But money. Even the cheap ones are way out of our price range … and then there would be finding a way to transport them. I can’t even figure out how to use a wheel chair around here.


              • I’m with you. My toilet is made for children and I have to fall on it which hurts my back more, and the tub is higher than my knees and requires some kinda effort to get in and out of. I need a ramp to replace stairs I cannot do. They have a govt. grant for 20k but you have to remain in the same locatin for 3 years or you pay it back. My daughter and son-in-law are looking at selling. How soon I don’t know, but that negates the loan as I can’t possibly afford to pay it back, unless my books miraculously start selling like hot cakes, lol. and at $3.49 total for 5 books sold, it may take awhile, lol


                • Yup. I don’t think I hit $20 on Amazon this year. I haven’t recovered from the hot water heater and the front door yet. OR the stair climber. We are REALLY poor and the stair climber has some kind of issue I haven’t had the money to address, it probably requiring and actual guy who deals with these devices.


                    • Oh, I see. Well dang it! I’ve done that many times. My son bought a brand new coffee maker that grinds and makes coffee. Two days after christmas it broke. They refused to take it back…good to know we have a grinder anyway, but still not the point. To take it to another store is 1 1/2 hours drive one say through heavy dangerous traffic as they are blasting out the hillsides to make an additional lane for traffic. There have been many serious and deadly accidents there so it has to be done. Won’t be returning the coffee maker which works fine in every other way, but … sigh.


              • You can choose what to spend the money on, a cart or the other items I mentioned, but again, it’s getting it in and out of a vehicle so I can use it anywhere I want to go. It’s good for going up and down the street, but we’re no where near shopping. That’s a mile or better away. Carts are cold too. Wind whips by and winter and summer you need special gear to sit in them for any length of time, so….hm


                • Neither are we. It’s at least a 4 miles ride into town with lots of hills and mostly, NO sidewalks. So assuming I could actually get it there, then there are a rough, broken sidewalks IN town. It’s not like mall shopping, so I’m not sure what I could do with it anyhow. Where I want to go is rougher terrain … like grass and parking lots and those little carts are not really designed for “off road” travel.


                  • No, the ones I’ve seen aren’t. The one my daughter was looking at is heavy duty like they have in the malls here, massive tires and carry a hefty payload but have to plug in which means added electricity and that’s an issue as I pay 550.00 a month now lol. soo hmmm no easy answers for that one.


  5. I lived on Vancouver Island on and off over the years. They get Spring now. Daffodils and Blossoms. Most of the rest of the country .soldiers on. through the deep freeze. In Alberta we can get a Winter too – but it’s broken up by intermittent Chinooks which elevate temperatures above freezing. It’s going to be about 10 above (C”) today. Very tolerable. All in all though, we don’t know what to expect these days, cuz ‘climate change’ is for real. My snow shovel is always at hand.


    • It’s hard to tell here because weather in New England is wild, crazy and has always been insanely erratic. I think what we can tell for sure is that we are drying up. This was a very wet region and we have a long-standing drought that has lasted well over a decade. AND the waters are rising along the ocean, so Boston is getting very serious flooding. Most of Boston is landfill from the 1800s — or even earlier and this year has been the worst ever flooding.


  6. Today we have had everything from rain to high winds, sun and yes the grand final of snow, in big flocks and settling on the ground. Five minutes later it was gone, the sun came out again. Agile is also not my middle name, but I don’t even trust my wheelchair in this weather.


  7. We had a dusting of snow down here in the Florida Panhandle. Schools are closed and I don’t have to go into work until 12 noon. Ice, too. Gotta love the South.


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