Are We All Related?

We ALL came from Africa. No, really. Every human being on earth came from Africa. Even Republicans.


Each one of us shares a common ancestor in our family tree, and according to math, this person lived only around 3000 years ago. Even though we have no idea who that person is, we are basically related. WHAT’S UP, COUSINS?!


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Further Readings And References @ JSTOR, ASHG and Nature

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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20 thoughts on “Are We All Related?”

  1. I think it makes sense, but it might also have made sense for there to be some other sort of ‘punctuated equilibrium’, as they call it, resulting in more people of the level of (pre-)homo sapiens or other compatible species to breed with which might show up in slightly different places, or on continents where drift happened thus making groups come together or go apart–or something. (That is my version of what passes for science on the internet–sorry!) But yes, abridged version is: wow, we really are from a relative very small pool of beings. ahaha!


    1. I’m not sure the final word is in on this yet. We know what we know, but maybe there’s stuff we don’t know yet. I’d like to think there really were “little people” and a few “elves” that left no records for us to find. I was surprised at how small our “human group” is. I thought it was bigger, but I come from a very interbred group, so why not?

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      1. I think it is very likely that there can have been other races whose traces we do not know and may never know, even those on earth that were in line with cromagnon and others up to what we are now–‘homo-not-as-sapiens-as-we-like-to-think’.

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          1. Tibetan Buddhism, for one, supports all sorts of fascinating possibilities in their view of science. I wrote a post about it maybe ten years back which is probably still up at, with a title like A Quick Skate Through Tibetan Buddhism. I haven’t read it myself in years but believe it addressed this sort of thing–I’ll go look now. ahahaha!


    1. My end of the family is pretty inbred. And also, I have a lot of relatives who’ve never heard of me and vice versa and who live in Bolivia. NO idea where the connections are and how they wound up in Bolivia. Quite likely they are the part of the family (grandparents) who ran away from the Nazis and landed in South America.

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      1. I remember going to a party in Deep River a long time ago and there was this fellow who reminded me of my brother. It turned out that we were related about 4 generations back. When he checked his family tree, my father’s name was on it.


      1. But then it is well known that every family has their oddball……… And there are considerable degrees of self-centeredness……..And I have also loved science… and the ability, to open our eyes and look around us at the amazing world we are in.

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