Why do I remember the name of my fourth grade teacher but can’t remember the name of the new neighbor I’m meeting for the third time this month?

Why do I fall asleep during my favorite TV show but at bedtime my brain won’t shut off for a second?

Why can I rationally know that I can handle something but I still get a knot in my stomach whenever I have to do it? (For me it’s driving around an airport).

Why is it that after I promise not to tell anyone “something”, that “something” keeps popping into my head even when I’m talking to people to whom the “something” would mean nothing?

Why do I get upset with people for doing something I know that I do too? (Like interrupting).

Why do I get totally obsessed with binge watching a TV show but never about writing a novel or working at a soup kitchen?

Why do I keep collecting recipes in a giant folder when I know I’ll never use them? (When I do try a new recipe I go online because who has the time to sort through that giant folder?)

Folders with the recipes I’ve collected over the years

Why can I look for something for 10 minutes and not find it but my husband finds it immediately – where I know I’ve already looked?

Why can I grapple with a problem and fail to find a solution, but hours later, when I’m doing something totally unrelated, the answer just pops into my head?

Why can I “zone out” while driving (you know, you suddenly find yourself way down the road and don’t remember getting there) yet I don’t drive off the road or into the car in front of me?

Why does my snoring husband insist he was “wide awake” when I poked him but you only snore when you are fully asleep?

Why is it that when I learn about a disease or syndrome, suddenly everyone I know knows someone who has it?

Why can I get sick but when I go to see the doctor, my symptoms disappear?

Why can I get a 1960’s song stuck in my head for days but not a single password has ever stayed in my brain for that long?



20 thoughts on “MIND GAMES – BY ELLIN CURLEY”

    1. I think it’s that they last remember being awake and not snoring, so that’s what they think is reality. They don’t seem to understand the concept of falling asleep and losing consciousness.

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    1. Only one? I have so many I have to start another bag of single socks! And one of my favorite socks, that I got at Disneyworld, is missing its mate. So sad. It’s patterned so I can’t wear it with a similar colored sock and pass them off as a pair. And I was so careful not to lose that one!

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    1. Thanks! It’s nice to know that other people share my odd thoughts. That means I’m not crazy or that I’m not alone in my craziness! Either way, I’m good.

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      1. Ellin, hold on. We haven’t reached a verdict on you, yet. Got a bolo out on my nice Scottie socks. They’re M.I.A.


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