So I said “I’ll take a short break and look at my comments. Then I’m going to buckle down and start LISTENING TO MY BOOKS. ”

I’m still here and amusingly, the subject is TARDY.

I’m late, I’m late. For a very important date!

Like the White Rabbit, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late and I’m getting later.

I love you all. I can’t stop and read your posts and I’m out of time to linger over comments. Gotta run and read and then, read some more.

Tardy? How about just plain old LATE! 



  1. It seems, I move slower,, react slower, etc. as I get older and slower….. Just want and need to stay upright in more ways than one. And all that tends to make me tardier and tardier to get where I must and need to be. Think I have plenty time, and then by the time I get there I am already tardy!!!


    • I just take my time. Unless I’ve got a test or an appointment with a specialist, if I’m a little late … well … does it matter? I was ALWAYS early in my life. Always there before dinner started, before the party began. Now, if it isn’t important, I don’t worry about it. Tardy? Probably but I am (finally) okay with it.

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  2. I was think about this very subject just the other day, when I was……killing….time. Anyway, I thought that if the concept of reincarnation were true, then I could borrow some time from other lives and then I’d probably only be about two and a half lifetimes behind.(Huh?) Anyway, I could embrace every morning with a hearty “welcome to 1880” (Where I plan on filing immediate patents on the television, plastic and Tang.), but where suddenly I’d probably three or four days ahead of schedule. (Huh??) Now, if you’ve read this, you’re really procrastinating.

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    • I am actually listening. This is NOT a book that requires intense concentration which is sad in its own way. I find myself seeking winners amongst the lost books …

      Now about borrowing lives from future lives … Can I also borrow better body parts? I better spine and a healthy heart would be a great starting point. Add them, grab maybe a couple of dozen years? Can I borrow for my husband too? Maybe my son? Get all of us up to speed so to speak? The possibilities could become a book.


      Something about books …

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