So, it turns out, Garry’s ongoing “I don’t feel good” was getting worse. I schlepped him to the doctor.

What do you know? He’s allergic to Lisinopril — a blood pressure medication. Now he’s on a short run of Prednisone to bring down the swelling in his face and throat and probably all that interior stuff. Who’d have thought that was the problem? He’s been on this same medication for at least 20 years.

Our bodies are a moving target. Just because a medication has always worked, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop an allergy to it tomorrow. One day, I showed up allergic to penicillin — and this put me on the “NO NO” list for all related “cillins.” This can get quite complicated when I need antibiotics.

Allergy confirmed!

Getting Garry “doctored” was very much the central theme of the day. We actually forgot to do Bonnie’s eyes this morning, something that’s so much a part of our ritual I didn’t think it was possible to forget it.

On the plus side, our usual doctor was not in and Garry discovered the other doctor in the practice is a fan. Watched him for all those year, through all those Boston crises.

So his problem will be cured, he got a lot of attaboys, and it is just as well we didn’t go traveling this week. Go figure, right?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

46 thoughts on “DOMINANT THEME DU JOUR”

  1. Indeed! It’s true allergies can pop up out of nowhere. My daughter was 16 when she became deathly allergic to fish and shellfish. She’d had no problems prior. What can they replace his meds with? And Garry, glad to hear you found the problem and are able to overcome it. Thank god!

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    1. They want him back in two weeks and then they will figure out what else he can take.

      I’m suddenly allergic to tomatoes, which is extremely inconvenient because so many of my favorite recipes are tomato-based.

      The doctor picked up on it right away, too. Apparently his puffy lips were classic to this allergy.

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      1. I know allergies all too well. My daughter is deadly allergic to fish and shellfish and we are ALL allergic to penecillan (sp_) and she has 50 food allergies while adam has nose allergies. All inherited from the grandmother on the exes side. Except the penecillan which came from me. Not to mention cats, dogs wool feather chalk dust. sigh. It makes for an interesting dinner setting for sure.


    2. Thanks, Covert. Thank you, Marilyn. I’m feeling somewhat better today but still off my game. Today,Marilyn’s not feeling well. But, the dogs have gotten their morning treats and all is right in their world.


      1. Glad your feeling better, that’s always a good thing. Sorry Marilyn’s not feel as perky as usual. We were to get 73 inches of snow. It didn’t (thank god) materialize – here anyway, just sideways rain. The ski hills got 43 inches and higher altitudes did get the promised snow. The two local ski hills had to unstrand skiers who were snowed in on the mountain and they eventually closed it. Who knew hahahaha too much snow can be a problem! smirks wildly.

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    1. Beckie, I was feeling AWFUL yesterday morning – like I’d turned into “LIzard Man”. Marilyn had my 6. Got me to the Doctor and checked out. Feeling better today but still off my game.

      Marilyn is not feeling well today. But there;s GOOD news: Dogs have gotten their early treats and are A-ok.

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  2. Good you discovered the problem. Allergies are a puzzle. One day something turns on you for no apparent reason. I could make a list of mine, from coffee, lactose and cholesterol tablets, all of which give me digestive problems.

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    1. I know. I’m dealing with an apparent — sudden — allergy to tomatoes. And I really LIKE tomatoes. Add that to the penicillin and duck (the bird) (I may be the ONLY person allergic to duck).

      This is a medication he has been taking for a really long time, so we didn’t even think about it. He has always been able to answer “no allergies.” Now, he has an allergy. Welcome to the club!

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  3. I’m also allergic to penicillin (and all things -cillin) so I feel your pain about antibiotics. Tell Garry I hope he feels better soon. I cannot take Prednisone except in small doses because it makes me manic. I found that out the hard way. ^_^

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    1. I figure the Prednisone will give him a few days relief from arthritis. It’s temporary, but at least he will feel better. I was grateful that the doctor figured out the problem VERY fast. The swelling in Garry’s face was apparently made some kind of allergic reaction obvious … and Lisinopril is know to have that effect. I’m just glad I got him to a doctor.

      I love Prednisone. It makes my back stop hurting for a few days. I know it’s short term, but it feels so good for a little while.

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  4. My ankles and legs swelled up so much on Lisinopril that I could barely walk. Was on it when I came to the beach last year and was miserable. Finally got off them when I got back home (after 3 months) and went on Telmasartan.

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    1. They will put him on something else, but they want this cleaned out of his system first and that takes (apparently) 2 weeks. You are lucky you are OK. This kind of allergy can kill you, as it turns out. Who knew?


  5. I live in Mexico with raspberry fields all around me. After 14 years of eating raspberries (and limes) every day, I developed a terrible allergy to both. Blisters in my mouth as well as ones in my throat so large, sometimes, that I couldn’t swallow. Luckily, they started growing blueberries as well. No allergy to them so far.

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    1. Isn’t that weird? Me and tomatoes is a near tragedy because easily half my recipes use tomatoes. How do you make chili without tomatoes? Or … pizza? At least Garry doesn’t HAVE to take lisinopril! Raspberries are my favorite berry. I share your pain. Note: I really used to love roast duck.


      1. I was allergic to tomatoes as a baby and so my parents never fed them to me. I hate them but love salsa and tomato sauce and ketchup. Hate tomato soup and juice. I still get little blisters if I eat too much ketchup or really acidic tomato sauce, but not like raspberries. I would really miss not being able to eat lasagna, pizza and spaghetti sauce. Can you have alfredo sauce? You could even make pizza with it. Poor Marilyn. I really do feel your pain. And, I don’t begrudge you the raspberries, which used to be my favorite fruit.

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  6. the “a” before green should be a comma instead.Add a bit of cider or balsamic vinegar and olive oil as well. You could use ground and crumbled Italian sausage in addition to or instead of the ground beef. Chopped up carrots (not grated) would also be good to chunk it up.

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  7. Process the red peppers with the oil and vinegar in a blender until they are the consistency of tomato sauce, cook hamburger, chopping up as you cook, add rest of veggies until a bit brown, add spices, then add sauce, stirring well. Simmer. Let me know what happens. You could use this sauce for pasta or pizza. Make the pizza sauce a bit sweeter. Be sure to add the spices to the sauce in this case, and simmer to blend flavors.


  8. Apparently lisinopril and it’s counterpart, Losartin, have a tolerance build up. I took Lisinopril for years and within the last two or three developed an irritating cough. I wrote it off to the change in pollen from where I lived to where I live now (there are things that bloom here that tick off allergies, and I’ve never had any allergies before). Not so. I found out that the Lisinopril can cause a chronic coughing condition, which, if not dealt with becomes some serious bronchial condition. So they put me on Losartin and we’ll see what we’ll see. Both deal equally well with my blood pressure. I’m glad you got Mr. Garry to the doctor. Anaphylaxis is nothing to fool around with.

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    1. Thanks, Em. Please— no, Mr. Garry. It’s Garry or Gar. I’m happy Marilyn vetoed my nay to the Doctor visit. Lisinopril is now on my enemies list.


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