I know I sound neurotic when I talk about how much I love my dogs and how dogcentric our home is. But I’m okay with that. It’s the kind of neurosis I’m proud of. I love being greeted by hysterics whenever I enter the house. The barks, howls and yelps, licks, jumps and wags make me very happy. It’s nice to know that my presence means so much to at least two fellow creatures.

Tom getting affection from Remy

As the daughter of two therapists, I can imagine all the personality deficiencies that that statement conjures. Insecurity, low self-esteem, neediness, clinginess, whatever. Knock yourselves out! I don’t care because I think YOU should be jealous of the enormous pleasure I get just walking through my door.

I don’t just allow my dogs on the furniture, I WANT them on it. In fact, if I’m watching TV and I’m not cuddling a dog, I go find one and lure her onto the sofa with me. I have much more patience with mediocre shows when I’m petting a dog.

In bed, there’s nothing like falling asleep with your arm around a dog and your nose nestled into her fur. You think I have commitment issues with my husband? Not a chance. He’s cuddling her from the other side and we can hold hands over the dog’s back.

Tom cuddling with Remy in bed

Feeding them from the table – diagnosis: total lack of discipline or impulse control on my part.

Lazy about doing dishes? I let the dogs “pre-wash” the dinner dishes after I’d scraped most of the leftovers into the garbage. They do an excellent job. Dishes can go right into the dishwasher without the inconvenient rinse and rub I would otherwise have to do.

Dogs out in the snow

Maybe there’s a psychological diagnostic code for people who get a huge increase in endorphins from being around their dogs. Bring it on! I hope to die with a dog in my arms. If there’s such a thing as reincarnation, I’ll die happy knowing that I can come back as a dog with an owner as dog crazy as I am.


  1. If our dogs weren’t so short legged, we might be tempted, but Bonnie and Gibbs are both 11 years old and a fall from our bed could be a serious matter. So I guess the poor things will have to suffer with sleeping on the sofas. Are we bad dog parents? I get up early to give them sunrise biscuits, so does that make up for not sleeping with them?


    1. Don’t worry! You’re a great pet parent whether your dogs sleep in your bed or not. Sometimes Remy will leave us and go off to sleep somewhere else. So sleeping in the bed itself is not what is important.

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      1. Ellin, as you well know, we are kindred spirits when it comes to furry kids. That’s why we bond so well on our visits. The bedroom is our Mexican wall. Sorry, furry kids.


    1. When Tom is out with the dogs, I miss their crazy, joyful greeting when I come in the door. And when they decide to hang out somewhere else, I miss them when I’m alone on the sofa. They add so much to our lives – so much love, laughter and glee!

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    1. We can’t imagine a life without our dogs. They are so important to us. They make us smiole and laugh all the time. They take us out of ourselves and make us focus on other living creatures, which is always good, especially since we are alone in our house a lot of the time. they are greata friends and playmates and they keep us active and engaged. Three cheers for our canine family!

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