Share Your World – January 29, 2018

If you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which one would you choose? Why?

Can I make that Amazon please? I would head for the cameras and computers and possibly automobiles. Maybe pick up a couple of trikes for Garry and I. I could spend a lot of money at Amazon. I’ve got some serious wish lists going.

Amazon boxes delivery

It’s also the only place I know that has pretty much everything I want — other than repairs for the house, though it does have parts I need to fix the house. And they deliver in 2 days! It doesn’t get better than that.

What is the worst thing you ate recently?

I do all the cooking and I cook pretty well. I can’t remember the last bad meal I’ve had.

oven rice counter

Dinner, anyone?


So I have to say there really isn’t any worst thing. I didn’t like the ginger jelly I bought, but it wasn’t terrible, just not as good as I had hoped.

Name five things you like watching … 

We are truly watchers of so many things it really would be impossible to name. But we are very fond of late night comedy — Colbert and Trevor Noah, for two. John Oliver for three. NCIS. We’ve been re-watching the entire “Blue Bloods” series.

trevor noah the daily show

Intermittently watching Voyager, but we aren’t finding it truly mesmerizing. We watch baseball in season. Football right now because there’s Tom Brady and even though we are more baseball than football fans, Brady is something to watch. rake tv show

a place to call home tv show

Lots of stuff on Acorn — “Doc Martin,” “A Place to Call Home.” “Rake” and “Murdoch’s Mysteries.” Too much to mention, but if it was made in New Zealand, Canada, or Australia, we are probably watching it now — or already did.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  

Went to the doctor and discovered I’m alive! That’s right folks. I’m still here. It turns out those pains in my hand are (gasp) arthritis AND carpal tunnel syndrome. Considering I’ve been playing the piano since I was four and touch-typing since I was 10, it’s amazing my hands have lasted this long. We’re going to try braces and see if that helps. Otherwise, I suppose I’ll have to get the carpal tunnel surgery, but that won’t solve the arthritis problem.

Healthy Trail

Mostly, though, I’m doing okay. For me. Given one thing and another. This is as healthy as I’ve been in a few years.

doctor's office window

Doctor’s office window

Not exactly ready to run the marathon, but most of my parts are working pretty well, all things considered. I can’t remember anything — which is apparently perfectly normal. I have a chronic sinus thing — since forever — and it will never go away. I can usually breathe . My blood pressure with medication is within acceptable limits. And I got back the reflexes in both feet and knees after years of not having reflexes there. Remitting, recurring, remitting …

So, I’ll probably be annoying you with my posts for years to come. You’re not going to get rid of me that quickly!

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  1. I also watch John Oliver occassionally. Funny guy. 🙂


  2. I recently enjoyed re-watching NYPD Blue…thoroughly enjoyed it and was very moved by it many times. They were pretty out there for their day.

    I miss Jon Stewart.

    Have enjoyed Letterman’s new Netflix show. The interview with President Obama was terrific.

    So glad you feel pretty good given the, well, you know…


  3. I would like to go to two stores, please, Long and McQuade and Heintzman piano. Both are music stores.


  4. It’s nice that you had a wonderful health report from the doctor. We all kind of like having you around 😀 😀 I bet Garry does too.


  5. It’s always good when the Doc goes over all of the vital signs and bloodwork and such and pronounces you to be alive….

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    • You know, when they ask you “How are you doing?” … I always have to pause and ponder that. Because I’m not the me I used to be and I never will be, so I have to put myself into the context of the “me” I’ve become. How am I now, today, with this body? So the answer is generally “Not bad, all things considered.” And I’ve got a doctor who can get behind that as a concept. I will never be what I was, but at least I can be the best of what I currently am. And I can live with that.

      Getting old is really COMPLICATED 😀


    • It’s a…….miracle!


  6. I, too, would choose Amazon.

    And we always record and watch (the next day) Colbert and Trevor Noah, as well as Jordan Klepper on “The Opposition” (right after Trevor), John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Bill Maher. Also Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

    Gee, can you tell where I fall on the political spectrum?


  7. That sounds pretty healthy to me! You know, don’t you, that you can even buy food on Amazon these days!

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    • Yes, but in the winter, I never know if they will be able to deliver it. It is, for example, snowing right now. Not going to be a blizzard (I don’t think), but slippery and mucky and until it warms up (Wednesday, hopefully) … no deliveries. Lucky us, the oil deliverywas this morning.

      The only food I get from Amazon is coffee — better coffee than I can get in the store for a little bit less money … and spices. Oh, and sushi rice in 15 lb bags.

      And dog food and biscuits — almost forgot the really important stuff!

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      • You have been lucky with this year’s oil deliveries coming the day before a snow! I hope this is a small snow for you — it was close to 90 here today!


        • It’s supposed to be less than 2 inches, but accompanied by very cold weather. It’s too small to plow, so whatever falls will become ice. The good part? I won’t have to come up with another $50 for the plow. The bad? If the driveway gets icy, we’re not going anywhere until it melts. The other good part? Garry won’t have to go the ear doctor tomorrow which he knows he should want to do, but doesn’t.

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      • Back in the days when we had money (????), I used to love hitting the video stores. I was like a kid scouring all the old and new movies, particularly the obscure old movies. I remember always saying “I’ll be good this time” even as the shopping cart was piled higher and higher with movies.

        Oh, to do that again.

        Recent surprise smile/grimace: Last week’s visit to my PC to discover why I looked and felt like “Lizard Man”. Two MD’s filled in for my PC. The senior Doc was a fan from my working days. So, as we discussed my medical problem (OY!), I told a few war stories to keep everyone happy. Celebrity is a mixed bag I smiled through the “discomfort”. The Younger Doc figured out what was wrong with me. So, roll the “Happy Ending” slide.


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