Pat Gerber — Mrs. Anglo Swiss, mother of Tabby the blogging cat and wife of Marcel Gerber — took a bad fall this past weekend and has been in the hospital with a broken thigh. Marcel says she is doing okay. At our age, I’m not exactly sure what that means, but hopefully, she will be home soon — at least, by the end of the week.

She and I are always in touch. Every day unless she was out of the country or I was too sick to talk, we always chat a little about something. Cats, dogs, flowers, life, and our world’s worst president.

Please, everyone, send her your best! I am sending virtual flowers in lieu of the real ones I would like to send!

Her site is “CHRONICLES OF AN ANGLO SWISS” at this address: https://angloswiss-chronicles.com/

She isn’t getting messages right now, except through her husband, but I bet she’ll be glad to see something from her many friends around the world when she comes home. Being a big far away to send bouquets, I thought I’d go wild and send a lot of flowers!

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  1. First of all thankyou so much Marilyn for the beautiful flowers and for this post. What a beautiful idea. I so much appreciate knowing you all and thankyou so much for your words of sympathy and support. We are all so far away from each other, but realise how much we mean to each other when something unforeseen can happen. Marilyn and I sort of met by chance in this big wide world of WordPress. We will probably never meet in person, having a big pond in between, but we meet daily here and without Marilyn (and Gary ir course) I think something would be missing in my daily routine. Love you all – Angloswiss/Pat

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  2. Get well soon Mrs. Anglo Swiss!!


  3. A beautiful and fitting get well soon gift – thanks for the heads up. Heading over there now.


  4. Thank you so much for the update, Marilyn. I follow Pat almost every day and just realized that she hadn’t posted for a couple of days. I am so sorry to hear about her fall. She was doing so well with her new wheelchair. I had the great pleasure of having lunch with Pat when I was in Basel in 2016. We met through our blogs and she took the train in to town to meet up with me. We had the most delightful time! Please keep us posted with any news. Thank you.


  5. Lovely collection of shots!

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  6. Thank you, Marilyn. I wondered why she wasn’t blogging. Ugh. This is sad to read. Pat is so strong. I hope she heals quickly–and that Marcel is taking care of Tabby!


  7. Thanks for letting us know Marilyn- how awful for her! Another one of my blogging friends broke her thigh bone a few months ago- she is in her 80’s and healed up ok. Will head over to post on her site. You’re a good friend

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  8. Thanks for letting us all know Marilyn. I usually check in on her page every day but this week I’ve had real estate people tramping in and out and not much time for reading posts so I hadn’t realised. It is worrying to break bones when you are older, everything takes longer to heal so I hope she will soon be back home and getting about in her new chair.


    • The first day I didn’t worry. The second day, I got worried. The THIRD day, I began reaching farther. Fortunately, Marcel and Garry connected, otherwise I’d not have known where to go. Let’s hope for a quick healing. No idea how severe the break was, either.


  9. Ugg, I did not check that last line I added., and my keyboard is very good at missing letters.!


  10. I am sure she will love the “bouquet” of flowers pictures you are sending her. I know I enjoyed them!! Take care… they aare ell done and just p0lain beautiful!


  11. Ah! That’s why Tabby hasn’t been around…I wondered. Thanks for the notification…I hope she improves rapidly. Just recently (as I recall) she was celebrating the fact that she had a wheelie chair and could now go out and take photos as she loved to do, but had been too unsteady to accomplish. Her fall is so discouraging, I’m sure the lovely flowers in your ‘bouquet’ are going to cheer her up worlds!!

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  12. Thanks for letting us know.

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  13. Awww poor Pat! Hopefully she is now on the mend and will be back home soon 😦

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  14. Oh no! I am SO glad someone knows something, even if it is not the best news. Maybe you should put this in the comments at her site if you have not, since we all go there everyday and hover anxiously…? We will look for updates here and there, and certainly please send her our best.


  15. I’ve been worried and fearful that something like this happened. I tried texting her yesterday and when I didn’t hear back, I was sure it wasn’t good. I just texted Marcel. Please let her know I’ve been worried and I hope she comes home soon. ❤


    • I finally texted Marcel who linked up with Garry and got a note from him. That’s a big bad bone to break at our age. I always worry about all of us. We are at that age where falling is one of the big fears. But apparently she is doing okay, whatever that means.

      We’re driving down to see Tom and Ellin, but I’ll plug back in when I get there. This seemed like the best way I could think of to let as many people as I could know what happened. Also posted on Facebook. These are the time when long distances make thing very difficult. I thought you might be worried, too.

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      • I texted Marcel and posted on his page. Thank you for letting me (us) know. Safe travels!


      • Dear Pat and Marcel,

        Such a bummer! Pat, we hope you are feeling better as you read this. Here’s to a speedy recovery but don’t rush things. Your body probably isn’t happy with you so be nice to her.

        Marcel/Mr. Swiss, make sure Pat gets all the tender loving care she requires.

        Watch for all the big virtual hugs we’re sending you. Hope they help.

        Garry, Marilyn
        Bonnie, Gibbs & The Duke (Your furry fans)


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