Usually, my Christmas cactus blooms like mad around Thanksgiving, but this year, they looked limp and miserable.

I realized I had done the one single thing that you can’t do to a cactus: I over-watered it. Not by a lot, mind you. A little bit. I let the earth stay moist instead of letting it get dusty dry, which is what you need to do to bring them into flower.

When they failed to flower at Christmas, I stood in front of my mirror and yelled at me. I told me to “PUT DOWN THE WATERING CAN.” I did.

For the past week, I’ve been watching the buds come out on the cactus. Red and dark pink — on the same plant. That’s new. Usually I get just one color per blooming. Most of them are still unopened, but we’re going away for the next few days. I’m afraid i may miss the main blooming, so I shot pictures today, just in case.

I should have used my macro lens, but I didn’t … just a more or less standard f1.7 “normal.” They are still pretty. I’ll try to grab a few more shots tomorrow.

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6 replies

  1. My lighterpink one is starting a second bloom for the winter… Love Them.


  2. They are lovely, Marilyn. I like the special effects in the photos too.


  3. Your cactus is blooming wonderfully well. 😀


  4. I love Christmas cactus! I bet I need one!


  5. They’re very pretty.


  6. Having soil stay too moist in our climate is not something i need ever worry about. Hope you have loads of cactus blooms to come back to! 🙂


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