How Long Is A Day On The Sun?

Need a good sun tan? I think this might be your answer.


A day is the amount of time it takes for a planet to spin around and make one full rotation. On Earth, it’s about 24 hours – but what about the Sun? How long is a day there?


Video via – MinutePhysics
Further Readings And References @ Solar Rotation (Wikipedia), Gravitational Time Dilation (Wikipedia), Universal Time (Wikipedia)

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6 thoughts on “How Long Is A Day On The Sun?

  1. A good example of how, in science, the answer to question you ask is sometimes not what you wanted to know!

    I found it interesting that the ‘day’s’ length depends where abouts on the Sun you are measuring from – not to mention what it is exactly you mean by the term ‘A day’.

    How long would it be if you determine a ‘day’ to be the combination of a full daylight period and it’s opposing night-time period??


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