According to WordPress, I started this blog on February 4, 2012. That’s not entirely accurate. I picked the name and signed up with WordPress on that date, but all I did was write a couple of paragraphs that basically said “I have no idea what I’m doing or why I’m doing it.” It took until the following June for me to blog more than once a month and it was August by the time I got into the swing of things, so to speak.

At least I sort of know why and what I’m doing this these days. Put most simply, I always wanted to run a newspaper and this is as close as I am going to get. I don’t even need to sell advertising to keep the paper running. Also, I think there’s a chance Serendipity can make a difference. Even if it’s a little, tiny difference … it’s something.

International Serendipity

Besides … I’m retired. What else should I be doing with my time?

Writing is my thing. I starting writing as soon as I could form letters and clutch a pencil. I don’t seem likely to run out of words anytime soon.

With joy in my heart, I have corralled others into my scheme. It has made this site infinitely better. We all have something worthwhile to say, but each of us says it in our own voice. Garry couldn’t escape my clutches and was doomed from the start. Rich was a great writer who deserved a bigger audience. Ellin thought it sounded interesting and she had stories to tell. After which I pointed out to Tom that he would feel much better about life if he would write too. So he did.

Wasn’t I lucky? All these smart, funny people contributing, so instead of this site beginning to fade from time and tedium, it feels like we’re just getting started.

I never imagined that Serendipity would become an enterprise, but I’m delighted that it has. If I had not been able to come up with such fantastic support, you’d be bored to death with me by now. Or maybe I’d be bored to death with me. Maybe both.

The Years of Serendipity

So in the course of 6 years, we’ve got almost 644,00 views and together we’ve written more than 7,000 posts. I have no idea how many photographs we’ve got. I’m afraid to find out.

14,800 followers, but I only hear from a couple of dozen of you. Will the rest of you please wave your hands in the air?

Thanks. I needed that.

It’s such a strange time in which we are living. I started writing the year Obama was running for the second time. I though that was a rough, tough political time. Little did I know what was lurking in our future.

The craziness of what’s going on in the world has changed the way we all write. I know there are a lot of people who feel they can’t must never write about politics. The thing is, I don’t feel you can not write about politics any more than you can avoid mentioning ecology and climate change, economy and education. All the life and death issues facing us … how can we pretend they don’t exist?

This is the stuff of our daily lives . We don’t have to write about it all the time and we don’t need to be deadly serious, either … but I don’t think we can simply act like it’s not there. Or maybe I just think we shouldn’t do that.

Regardless, I’m a writer and what I see as reality tends to intrude on my head space.

In the end, for me, reality simply is. What goes on — everywhere — is my virtual house. I can’t ignore it. I don’t want to beat it to death or make it the only thing I talk about … but I won’t pretend it’s not there — nor will I run from possible controversy. I think it’s too important to ignore, more so because it is so troubling.

Maybe that’s my self-appointed job — to look at the world and talk about it. If we can all do it with humor and commonsense, even better.

Six years. 7,030 posts. 643,800 views and a million miles to go …


  1. Wow! Your blog got almost as many views in December alone as mine has gotten in its entire nine month existence. Very impressive. I hope you and your posse will keep it going for a long, long time.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, but it took me six years to get here. Look at what I was getting per month when i was just starting out. I think for a couple of months, I got like 5 hits? 2? I know there was at least one during which i got zero. When you’ve been plugging away at this for 6 years … well … we’ll see πŸ™‚

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  2. Happy anniversary! Your numbers always amaze me… you get about three times the traffic I do. And three times the spambot followers! Even the inhuman machines like you better than me…


    • They got really big this past year, but I got one of those weird Google plumes where for a few weeks, we got ridiculously high numbers … and then … they went away. NO idea why it happened. No idea why they came or left — but they sure puffed up the stats.


  3. Congratulations Marilyn! You definitely DO make a difference. I look forward to you every day and love hearing from you on my occasional posts too. You always say great things. Your photography is wonderful. You are an inspiration for me and I hope someday to post something good enough that it shows up on your “Good Stuff” list (to the right here).


    PS Your family is wonderful too!


  4. Absolutely, looking forward to 10 k more posts as what you write is fabulous. I tune in every day, just as if I were reading a newspaper to see what’s on for today. Whether it’s humour, politics, life as you live it, it’s all done with aplomb and much delight to the reader. Please, all, keep going. You are a comfort in a world gone mad! πŸ™‚


  5. So inspiring! You’re very blessed to have such a good activity and response after retirement. I hope your blog keeps blooming!


  6. Congratulations on your success and stick-it-out’ed-ness! Here’s to many more years and posts to come! πŸ™‚

    You are quite right blogging beats watching TV (far moreso lately, I find!), but we all need the occasional break in between posts/reading blogs/answering comments. πŸ˜‰

    As for reality – the BIG problem with it is that what we see is never really all (or sometimes any!) of what is there – we just think what WE see is how it actually is… is all that counts.


    • I never assume I know everything. I probably don’t know even half of everything. I don’t need to know everything. My choices will be A or B. That’s what there is. We have good news contacts, so as a group, we probably know a lot more than most civilians. We all make our choices from what’s available. We don’t have unlimited options. We may not like our options, but we can usually tolerate one better than the other. That’s pretty much true for everyone. There are no limitless choices on earth.

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    • thanks. I’m not sure what new milestones might be. I wasn’t even sure this WAS a milestone, except that it was another year which is something. Blogging is funny. You do what you do, but you are also following the world in your site … and who knows where the world is going?

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  7. Outstanding read! I really love your comments about politics and how we can’t avoid talking about politics! I feel the same about race relations! Most people either want to beat it to death with a stick or avoid the issues all together! Is there no middle ground where we can just express the truths and simply work together. I don’t know anymore! I certainly am not trying to hijack this comment section to discuss matters of race relations; I’m just simply stating that I understand and can relate to your feelings on politics. I think the blog is wonderful and your team is amazing! Keep up the wonderful work!


    • That is also how my husband feels. It isn’t that he hasn’t had his full share of racism, but it’s not a simple thing and making it the single excuse for everything including genuine incompetence makes him crazy. The ARE people you can’t work with — real racists you cannot work with. They hate and they are hardened and there’s nothing left over for learning or changing. I think MOST other people you can work with — to a degree.

      Garry has negotiated this territory so many times over the years. He has a better sense of humor than I do. I just get mad, but maybe all those years working Boston streets taught him negotiation techniques I never learned.

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