It’s Monday. The Patriots lost and the world goes on. I’m in the middle of listening to audiobooks and I’ve got things to do and promises to keep. Love you all, but I really have to sign off and take care of business. Alas, but it will not wait.

So here are a couple of more pictures of the Christmas cactus. Congratulations to Philly on a very well-fought win. We really should have let Jimmy Garoppolo play and not told him he had to wait for Brady to pack it in. That’s water under the bridge at this point.

Back in my own back yard, I need to put my head down and do some readin’, writin’, and no more foolin’ around!



    1. Put it by a bright but not terribly sunny window in a cool room. Preferably, a room where the light tends to come from the window … so NOT the busiest room in the house. Water it ONLY when it is completely dry. If you keep it moist, it will never bloom. You have to let it really dry out and it needs natural light rather than lamplight. Basically, the more you ignore it, the better it will bloom 🙂

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    1. Covert, I am hearing the old song “Fascination” when you say procrastination.


      “It was fascination…….fascination turned to love”. Vocal was by Jane Somebody…I forget her last name.


      1. Sorry, Garry, nothing comes to mind in that arena. I’ve never had a problem with procrastination. I just get it done. My son’s lament is don’t mention what ever to her, she’ll be up on and off her chair doing it even when she can’t or shouldn’t. Mention it after you’re half way through the job. lmao ie flipping the mattress on the bed last night lol.


  1. Am dreading tonight’s news and late night comics ….anticipate lots of Pats’ bashing. The Brady Bunch has given us a long and legendary ride. Try to remember…..

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  2. I spent the majority of the day so far catching up on bills and things to go in the mail. Maybe diligence is going around. Good luck with your work. Lovely flowers! I love christmas cactus in bloom.


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