How Big Is Infinity?

I’ve always loved this concept. May the bigger infinity win!


Infinity is a concept that refers to something that grows without bound. But, is there any definitive explanation of how big can it grow? In this TED-Ed video, Dennis Wildfogel explores the mind-bending concept of the “infinity of infinities” and explains how it led mathematicians to conclude that math itself contains unanswerable questions.


Video via – TED-Ed
Further Readings and References @ Infinity (Wikipedia), Skulls in the Stars, Stack Exchange

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17 thoughts on “How Big Is Infinity?”

  1. Besides how big is infinity, you can also ask how small it is. There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. You divide it in half as many times but it will never end! I don’t know if there’s a moral lesson there, but it’s fun to think about.

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  2. And as Douglas Adams said. “Space is big. Really big. You might think it’s a long walk to the chemists, but that’s nothing compared to space>”


  3. I always describe space and infinity as being “bigless.” it’s infinite because it’s beyond BIG. The amazing thing is how our meager minds can contemplate, or imagine, something being bigger than we can really picture.., without borders or what we’d call limits. I scared the crap out of my wife once while we were expanding our minds, one night lying on our backs outside looking up at the sky. I started talking about how minuscule we really were in comparison the rest of the universe and its possible life forms. She insisted we go inside where she could see walls and ceilings ‘n’ stuff.


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