Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:
Outdoor – Patterns

Patterns are fun in black and white. You can really see the repetitions without the distraction of color. Textures and forms always seem at their best in monochrome.

Beacon Hill patterns
Patterns in a fence
Patterns in sepia – wall of the barn
Patterned chrysanthemum
Beacon Hill patterns
Patterns on Fenway park

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

22 thoughts on “PATTERNS IN BLACK & WHITE”

    1. One of the neat things about cities is the way things line up … like front steps and streetlights. I actually look for patterns when I’m taking pictures. in town They are fun to shoot. and one of the only places where black & white seems like the natural way it ought to go.

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    1. I really was going for the pattern. I have always loved the way matching steps and handrails line up on city streets, particularly cool in old areas like Beacon Hill. Baltimore is like that, too. Any area with old brick homes make great patterned images and you can see the patterns better in b & w.

      Actually, cities are great for patterns. It’s harder to find really interesting ones in the country because we don’t have as much interesting architecture, at least not all clumped together like that. We don’t get into Boston much anymore. It’s a long drive and the traffic is from Hell.


    2. There’s a symnetry in the line of those “3 deckers”. You have to be a city native/ person to appreciate the beauty and the smells.

      Remember laundry drying on outside lines?

      I love the smell of Tide in the morning.


    1. It’s effective if you have enough contrast and a clear set of objects. I don’t like the way it works on most landscapes, though I like it for a few, depending. It’s great for skies. A slightly cloudy sky becomes amazing in black & white. All the clouds you could barely see in color pop right out. Other kinds of texture, too, like rust, old wood, etc. Silhouettes, for obvious reasons. I like black & white for some stuff. Mostly, though, it’s nice to be able to choose.

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    1. Thank you. For once, I actually shot the originals for the patterns. It made this a lot easier. I think I look for patterns. So do you, actually. I’ve noticed that there are frequently patterns in your pictures, too.


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