I’ve been continuing to experiment with processing. Not so much with Photoshop which has now become more or less the “legs” of my process, but with Topaz Studio. Last year, when it first emerged, it was hailed as a stand-alone program.

Medium rise – Beacon Hill

It wasn’t, at least not at that point. Since then, however, it has come a very long way. Not only does it incorporate all of my Topaz filters — a lot of them over a period of four years — but I can use it from inside Photoshop or as a stand-alone graphic processor.

Corner of Beacon Hill

It still lacks some of the simple things I need to use it all the time: a simple way to crop and level a photograph would be on the top. And a much less complicated way to save a processed photograph would be a huge help. Finally, some kind of sorting mechanism — like Photoshop’s Bridge — so you can find the pictures you want to use.

Gate D – Fenway Park

I use Photoshop for leveling, cropping, saving and sorting, but when Topaz Studio finally come of age, I will be glad to work with it. In the meantime, if you have the opportunity, check it out. If you already own Topaz filters, it might be free — I’m not sure anymore what the price structure is. Regardless, there’s a 30-day free trial. It might offer exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Topaz filters and studio work with other graphics program including Adobe’s Lightroom and Corel.

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  1. I was learninng a lot from your photos by observing the prospective in them. What lovely balconies in the Beacon Hill photo. It has a French flare to it.


    • Built by a French architect in the 1700s. Probably worked up your way, too. There weren’t that many good architects back them and they moved around. So the similarities you see are real. Beacon Hill is the oldest part of Boston, one of the only ones that is not landfill.

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  2. It produces very sharp images. I had photoshop on one of my computers many years agomand could manage it quite well. It is now too expensive for my budget and I find Ribbit offers me what I need.. i pay an annual subscription

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    • My copy of Photoshop is almost 10 years old … maybe it IS 10 years old, now that I think of it. I bought it years ago when it was available on CD. Fortunately, it still works on my new PC. I use it as the basis of the filters I buy from Topaz and also with their Studio application — which i got free when it first came out. Between the two — my old copy of Photoshop and Studio — I’m pretty well set. I refuse to pay the subscription. I want to own my applications.

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