Share Your World – February 12, 2018

Are you a practical jokester?

Absolutely not. I think practical jokes — why are they called that anyhow? — are mean-spirited and often, cruel. I don’t like that kind of humor and don’t find it funny. I never did.

Who cuts your hair? You, a friend, or professional.

When my granddaughter remembers, she cuts it. Otherwise, it just keeps growing. Which I don’t mind. My hair looks better shorter, but it is much easier for me to maintain longer. This way, I can tie it back and when I am outside with my camera, I’m not fighting a constant battle to keep the hair out of my face. Or, for that matter, trying to keep it from covering the lens.

I love television advertisements with beautiful, very long-haired beauties driving in convertibles with their hair blowing free. Garry had a gorgeous bright orange Challenger convertible. To ride in it, I had to first braid my hair, then wrap it in a tight scarf. I also had to cover my easily burned skin because you don’t feel the heat of the sun in a convertible, but it find you anyway. I got some of my worst sun burns in Garry’s convertibles (he had three over the years). Finally, one day I gave him a simple ultimatum. Get a car with a roof or I’m cutting my hair. Pixie style.

He got a roof.

If those long-haired beauties were really riding in the convertible with that 2-foot long hair blowing in the wind? It would take three hairdressers several days to carefully pick the pixie knots out of her hair. And it would hurt.

When my hair was really long, I couldn’t leave it loose almost ever. I had to braid it at night and let the braid hang off the edge of the bed so I wouldn’t roll over on it and get my head stuck with my hair under my back. Long hair — very long hair — can get complicated. But medium longish hair, like mine? Easy peasy. Tie it in a Scrunci  and life is good.

Did you have a stuffed animal when you were a kid, if so what kind?

No stuffed animals. Many dolls, though.

Dolls and a president

And real live dogs and cats which served the role very well.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Creating a few of my own filter effects made me feel really good … and the post Gretchen Archer posted on Facebook made me feel downright wonderful.

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  1. You have lovely hair Marilyn and it’s nice of your granddaughter to give you a trim now and then. I used to have very long hair and you’re right about it getting in the way at night. I cut my own now. I got tired of paying a fortune and then coming home to take the scissors out and finish the job.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.

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  2. My sense of humor and what I find to be amusing is wide encompassing and includes many kinds of humor people don’t like…. but I absolutely agree with you on practical jokes (I think they call it “getting punk’d” now). I don’t think I’ve ever had one played on me before, but I would be anything but amused if someone did….

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  3. Have you noticed that practical jokes are getting meaner? There
    is even a TV program featuring 4 “friends”, dedicated to playing them on each other.

    My biggest pet peeve is having gotten my hair beaten into some semblance of style, then having someone decide to leave the windows down for a bit of fresh air as we drive to wherever it is we’re going, my hair blowing in the wind, getting in my eyes and mouth. I usually wear it pinned up and sprayed into submission now. It’s the helmet my mother use to wear and I swore I never would. lol

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  4. I also hate practical jokes. Mean spirited is right. Love the photos of your hair in various “states” !

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  5. I wish I had the patience with long hair again, but no longer works with me.

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    • It’s very easy for me because I tie it back. When it’s chin length, it’s always in my eyes and my hair has gotten a bit thin for very short.

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      • Hey, I thought you were the cat’s meow riding shotgun in my convertibles. Smokin’ hot, babe. I remember you getting a bad sun burn on one of our long distance drives. My ’89 mustang ‘vertible, I think. Your hair looked great, blowing in the wind. We both were very bronzed.

        My hair? Nothing.

        Jokester: I’m told I have a dry sense of humor.

        Hair: Don’t touch it! A sensitive subject discussed in another blog. I used to pay BIG money for someone who could cut “my” kind of hair. These days, during its recession, I’ve found a local barber who’s very good for what’s left of my curly locks. He’s also cheap. I get elderly, military and celebrity discounts.

        Finally: Yes, these days we drive a car with a roof. The convertible days (almost 40 years–3 rag tops) are gone with the wind.


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