WE LET THEM LIE AND CATCH THOSE ZZZZs. We wouldn’t want them too exhausted to beg for cookies or race around tearing up the joint, would we?

Rest, sweet Duke
Blizzard in January!
Sleeping swan with head under his wing

Sleeping dogs are a favorite subject. They are quiet and I can focus the camera! Yes, focus. And no one tries to stick his or her big wet nose up the lens.

Arizona desert – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Yellow stone Arizona desert – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

25 thoughts on “LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE”

  1. I notice that even when the dogs sleep together, they have their own little spots. The cats, especially when it is cold, will usually curl up together to sleep. This was especially amusing to me when Ody’s brother Spilly was still around, because they’d spend half their waking hours fighting and wrestling with each other… then unwind by curling up together and taking a nap. I guess cats just don’t care when others think about them…

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    1. It’s always a “Three-dog Night” around here. I’m humming, humming, humming. Hmm. Before the Big Duke showed up, the two Scotties were like yin and yang. Less now. They are more independent of each other, but they all like the big sofa. So it’s lucky we almost never sit there ourselves. Every once in a blue and yellow-polka-dotted moon, we have company and that’s where company sits. The dogs get very grumpy about it.


    2. Squirrel, last night Gibbs was asleep and making weird noises. I was alarmed. Marilyn explained not to worry, Gibbs was just dreaming. Squirrel, do dogs have wet dreams?


    1. It is VERY hard, which is why I have a lot more recent pictures of The Duke who at least has enough white in his coat to catch the light. And it isn’t just the amount of light … it’s the type of light. Bright sunlight across the black fur makes them look like black & white dogs or sometimes, gray dogs. Black dogs, black noses, dark eyes. AND they love sticking their big wet noses into the lenses, too πŸ˜€

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    2. Hard to take a good photo of a black dog? Hey, that’s blatantly racist! You can see their shiny teeth. Sometimes,I have difficulty telling Bonnie from Gibbs (the 2 scotties). Gibbs has a long nose. Hey, that’s blatantly———.

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        1. Reflections, during my working days, I used to drive the TV camera crews nuts. I’d return from a summer vacation, VERY darkly tanned, wearing my ” white John Travolta 3 piece suit”. I’d stand, preening in the sunshine as the crews tried to shoot this dark guy in a white suit. Not my finest hour …but I loved it.

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      1. Those Arizona pictures take me back to a great vacation in cowboy country. Magic time except for my encounter with a cactus. Always A Pilgrim.


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