Done this before, but I’m doing it again. Probably because it’s fun.

Here’s the challenge:

Black and White Photography Challenge: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Since I’m an old time player at this game, I’m letting people in as long as it’s not a portrait and not the primary part of the image.

I invite you to consider giving this challenge a try, even if you’ve done it already. An extra push to do better photography is good for your art. Moreover, finding a black & white picture that somehow represents “you” in a visual way poses an interesting challenge — an artistic double-whammy, so to speak. At least one of the pictures I used in the first round of these challenges turned out to be one of my most popular-ever posts.

Who’d have thunk it.

This challenge comes from Luccia Gray at “REREADING JANE EYRE.

Gate D at Fenway Park in Boston

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  1. I’m afraid I don’t follow US baseball, but I gather you’re a fan of the Red Sox? I visited Boston some years ago. A beautiful city with a European air to it.

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    • It’s one of the oldest American cities. I suppose it looks like a lot of other 17th and 18th century European cities. Same architecture. Yes, we’re Red Sox fans because they are the old home town team and Garry is a very serious baseball fan. I hope you don’t hold it against us. I just love the architecture in town. I love architecture and and one point, before I realized I need math to be an architect, I wanted to be one.

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    • LUCCIA, Boston is a “Big, little City”. Chock full of history. It, ironically, was known as “The Cradle of Liberty” especially during the racially divisive years of ‘forced busing’/Public School Integration. I remember the years well (70’s) because I covered the story and was in the middle of many “hot button” incidents. That tumultous period shed a glaring, unflattering, international spotlight on Boston which upset many of the local “Bluebloods”.

      I’ve chosen to spend the last 48 years of my life in and outside of Boston. No regrets.


  2. That would be a “fun” day.


    • It was, though it was also an intentional photo shoot day. We’d gone into Boston to shoot, carefully picking a day when the Sox were NOT in town and everything was blooming. We really picked THE best weather we ever get and got some truly excellent pictures. I still have a couple of hundred of Garry’s pictures I haven’t processed yet. To come!

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      • b&w at Fenway is very appropriate. Spring training just sprang and hope springs eternal.

        Sox just landed their big slugger for “team friendly” pact of 5 (?) yrs – 110 million smackeroos. He better produce or\ we’ll give him the bum’s rush, the Bronx cheer and a noir funeral.

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