Something has changed in me. A switch has been turned off. I am no longer obsessed with Donald Trump. I don’t feel compelled to follow every statement, every interview, every tweet from the President. He no longer seems as important or relevant.

Trump’s National Security and Foreign Policy Cabinet members apparently agree with me. They have recently told the rest of the world to basically ignore Trump, particularly his tweets. They have tried to reassure everyone that our foreign policy is what it always was, not what Trump seems to think it is — or wants it to be.

Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, said that he doesn’t even read Trump’s tweets. Nothing to see here folks. Move along!

The government seems to be working over and around Trump in many ways. Not with him or for him. He can still veto things and issue signing statements, but what he says and does on a daily basis is no longer of major importance to the rest of his administration. Or to me.

I don’t want to watch Trump any more or hear him talk. It’s like chalk on a blackboard. I’m over him. I’m sick of being sickened or outraged. At least first-hand.

I still read editorials and articles analyzing the effects of things that Trump says and does. I can’t avoid him completely on Cable News, which I still watch. But it’s as if he is dead to me now. I don’t get a knot in my stomach every time I hear him say something awful. He no longer has the power to push all my buttons up to eleven, over and over, day after day.

I expect him to be vile and psychopathic, outrageously ignorant and untruthful, narcissistic, annoying and enraging. All the time. So nothing surprises me or ‘gets’ to me anymore. Everything he does is a big “Whatever! What else is new?”

I don’t know where this leaves me going forward. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sustain this healthy distance from the toxicity of Donald Trump. I just know that this attitude is better for my blood pressure and my overall physical and mental well-being. My mood has improved and I’m more upbeat and positive. So far, so good.

I’m still passionate about what is happening in my country. I’m still following the news closely every day. It’s just not all about Donald Trump anymore for me. Maybe the key to surviving the rest of his term is for everyone to marginalize him. Make him irrelevant. Laugh at him and don’t take him seriously.

If nothing else, it will drive Trump friggin’ crazy!

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  1. The one thing a Narcissist hates is to be left out, ignored, bypassed, Witness the way he managed to draw attention away from the Florida shooting by dragging in Mueller and Russia, and trying to link russian influence to the entire business. The kids picked up on that immediately.

    Ithink you’re right, paying no attention seems to be the way to go, and except for his immediate and ever changing loyal staff, I sense that most of Washington is doing the same thing to him.

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    • I sense a change in Washington. Even the republicans seem to be marginalizing Trump a bit more these days. The only people listening to him are his hard core base, which is a small minority of the country. And I’ve read articles indicating that some of his base is also getting disillusioned by him and may be softening in their support.Unfortunately, all the Republicans in Congress care about is the Republican base that can get them elected in primaries.


  2. Well I’m all for that (driving that dribbling idiot crazy). Except isn’t that sort of bringing coals to Newcastle or something? The man is already pretty far past any semblence of sanity. But I’m with you. Why add to our personal blood pressure elevation or incipient ulcers by even giving him a thought at all? In his case, being ignored just may be the greatest punishment we can dole out.


    • Being ignored is Kryptonite to a narcissist. It must have made him furious to hear his own Cabinet members telling everyone to ignore the tweets and listen to the grown ups! IF only we could get the media to just report: “Trump just put out another untruthful, hateful tweet. Now on to the real news!”

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  3. We’ve gone from watching the news back to avoiding the news. We have become eye rollers. They say his name, we roll our eyes at each other. Garry grabs the remote and we move on.

    Have you seen “My Crazy Ex Girlfriend”? I know it sounds like not your kind of thing, but … well … try one show. I think it might really BE your sort of thing. I don’t think it’s going to last a lot of seasons. Too much production, but it is a great counteragent for Trump Syndrome. Definitely not the news.

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    • We still watch MSNBC off and on and still read the news from many sources. But we don’t focus on Trump anymore. I just move on to other things and other people in the news. We definately follow everything that Meuller is doing. Our beacon of hope in all of this mess.

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    • i confess. My name is Garry. I’m an addict. I watch the top of the Network news to see the latest political outrages. I loudly mumble and say “I can’t take it anymore” as I switch channels in search of beisbol which is still weeks away.

      Later, I tune in CNN and a town hall meeting on Gun Control. Marilyn asks why I’m watching when I complained several hours earlier about the news. I grumble as I switch off CNN.

      My name is Garry. I’m an addict…..

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  4. Trump will be remembered as a dark spot in the history of America. He’s eating up whatever progress the states had made as a nation.

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    • You’re right. The tragedy is that Trump is managing to turn back much of the progress that has been made on so many fronts over the past years. I don’t know how long it will take to re reverse everything and get back on track. He has definately set the country back significantly, but hopefully not permanently.


    • “The Cheeseburger Years” — David McCullough’s look at our national tragedy and shame.


  5. I’m in the same place, perhaps more fatalistic and cynical. I never thought Trump was worth my attention in any of his other iterations. I still can’t believe he’s in the White House, and when he talks to leaders of other nations, I wonder who gave him permission, but they all seem to have more-or-less dismissed him. Sooner or later this will be over somehow and my responsibility is to myself in this present moment. I contact my representatives frequently and when they respond I find that — by and large, those of both parties — they agree with me. It’s just a matter of time, and Trump is not intrinsically interesting to me.

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  6. Ellin–I am so with you on this. I won’t allow myself to get upset about him any longer. I am over it. His ‘fans and followers’–so be it. “Ignore his tweets” …thanks, I will. How does Huckabee keep a straight face when she delivers all this blather about him? Her problem, not mine.

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    • It feels like even Trump supporters are beginning to get tired of defending and explaining all of his dumb and toxic utterances. Even people in the government are saying ‘ignore the tweets’. I wish the news shows would ignore the tweets too. Or just report them as an obligatory aside. That would make Trump crazy!

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    • Lois, I stick my tongue out at the tv screen when Huckabee appears. Childish, I know, but she disgusts me. Too soon? Too personal??

      As for her Boss, I wish he’d stick his face into the nose of an assault rifle to see if its working. Then……

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      • I’m with you Garry. I have read she is a deeply spiritual person, so she truly believes in everything she says? Is she lying? Cause we all know he is. Surely, there is conflict within somewhere….

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  7. And this is how you handle a Narcissist. Good on you. I stopped listening a year ago, when I realized the election was over, and he wasn’t. If his name, voice, or image, appears anywhere in news land, or his flunkies appear on camera to offer apologetics for his latest nonsense, I just move on.

    In a way he’s like the rock in the field. You can’t move it, it’s too big and buried too deep, so you can either curse it every time you go by, or drive around it. Eventually you’ll forget it’s even there.

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    • You got to this point way ahead of me Judy! Good for you! I think you’re right that the way to suck the air out of a narcissist is to ignore him. Don’t give him the attention and power that he so craves. And the government seems to be chugging along pretty much without any real guidence from the top. The rest of the government can deal with Trump’s daily inflammatory and contradictory tweets. That’s what they get paid for. I don’t have to do it any more!

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      • Ellin, I can’t bring myself to wear anything that has 45’s image. I’d feel like a hooker.

        We watched a little of that Town Hall Meeting on CNN last night. The NRA trotted out it’s Barbie Doll (no gender disrespect intended) spokeswoman to handle the gun control chatter. Mar and I gaved up after a few minutes and got our usual r/x’s from Trevor and Colbert.

        I LOVE what the kids are doing. Hopefully, they’ll prod and shame their parents into doing the right thing at the midterm voting booths.

        I abhor those who are trying to belittle or defame the young activists. No shame whatsoever.


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