Like many of the words posted in this challenge, there are a bunch of meanings to “assay.” Typically, it mean testing the content or weight of a type of metal — how much gold is in that gold for example. There is also another meaning and that is the one for which I’ve used it.

Assay means “attempt.” When you say “I’m going to assay that climb,” you’re going to try to do it. There is, within the context of the word, a sense of insecurity. That you will try but not necessarily succeed. Subjunctive, sort of. English is not a subjunctive language. We don’t have the tenses to get it right.

Everything feels a been subjunctive these days. Getting up from a chair … can I do it without pushing is one hand? When I get up, will I fall back down? I still tend to load up my hands with whatever I think I need to take with me only to realize I have to put at least half of it down because I need one hand to push me out of the sofa. Oh those joys of aging!

One tiny patch of snow

It was supposed to snow today. So far, it hasn’t done anything at all, though the sky is a leaden gray that says more about rain than snow. But it’s definitely getting colder as the day goes on. Usually, days get warmer. This isn’t on of those days. So maybe we will get something, though sleet, snow, rain — or a delicious mix of all three is yet to be decided.

Regardless, in 48 hours, spring will come back. Or so the weather guys promised.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

12 thoughts on “MEANINGS FOR ONE WORD”

  1. My Swiss rehabilitation lady arrived today and gave me a few good tips about standing from a chair as I am very uncertain at the moment. More tomorrow, but at last I am on the right path. I have become very uncertain in my movements.

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    1. Ever since the heart surgery, I’ve been pretty tentative too. It’s why I don’t want to drive. I used to have great reflexes and I knew what I was doing. Now, I feel uncertain and nervous and I’m sure I’m going to hit something. The curb, a tree, another car. Garry isn’t thrilled about driving either.

      Both of us are unstable on our feet. Garry mostly because of his hearing. The balance mechanism in his ears doesn’t work, so he staggers when he stands. Mostly when he tries to back up … and he is having some difficulty with stairs these days, too.

      Getting old take guts. It’s EASY to be young and strong. I sometimes don’t believe how I used to just do stuff and never had to even think about it. Now, I have to think about everything before I even try it.

      At least you are getting some rehab. I didn’t get any. I was supposed to, but it never happened. I don’t know if it would have helped. Guess I’ll never know.

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  2. That reminds me of the time I squatted down in a store to look at something on a bottom shelf. My hands were full, I thought I could just stand back up because a few years ago, I could. It wasn’t happening, I almost tipped over sideways and a man ran over to help me up! I was so embarrassed I don’t even have grey hair yet, but I feel so unsteady and weak.

    It didn’t take long to go from agile to this. A matter of a few years. I honestly wonder what the next few has in store for me! Funny how we think it will never happen to us, until it does.

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    1. Well, generally you sort of stay on the same level for some years unless a hip or knee goes, but you can fix them. When you get to my age, down the road starts to look pretty scary. I am deeply and passionately grateful to computers. What would I do without them?

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    2. Rebel, reminds me of an incident not that long ago. Garry in the bathroom. Standing up straight. Tries to put on his jeans, loses his balance and falls backwards into the bathtub, loudly smacking his head. Oh, the embarrassement!

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      1. Ouch! That must have hurt! I don’t like losing my agility. Things like putting on footwear was something so easy, I never put a moments thought into it, now I need to sit or hold onto a wall for balance. I swear, I never thought it would happen this soon in life. Working is a chore now.

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