A Photo a Week Challenge: Your Weather Today

It was supposed to be snowing and it still might, though from the color of the sky, I’m putting my money on rain mixed with sleet. That is not my favorite weather. It was almost summer yesterday, but the temperature has been dropping since this morning and it’s nasty out there. Cold. Damp. Just enough breeze to tell your bones to go take a hike.

Despite first appearance, these are not monochrome. That’s just the way things look this time of year. As I keep saying — not great photography weather. But soon, soon. It will come.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

16 thoughts on “THE WEATHER, TODAY”

  1. This is classic New England “3 faces of Eve” weather.

    As a local weather person famously said, “If you don’t like today, just wait a few minutes”


    1. People keep reminding me about spring coming. it just takes so long to get here. We don’t get an early spring. in fact, we don’t really GET spring at all. One day it goes from winter to summer with a few hours between!

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    1. Well, yesterday was bee-you-tee-full, but today was grey and snowy. Tomorrow, maybe sunny again? In this region, we hope for the best and so far, it’s nearly the end of February and it hasn’t been too bad.


    1. Thanks Nancy. This has been a very atmospheric few months. The sun has been so rarely seen, we’ve all wondered — when it would briefly appear — what that burning orb is. We’ve got a big storm coming in, so it will be a few days until there’s any chance of better weather.

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