I wrote a blog a while back about how I’ve grown to hate repetitive, routine household chores, like doing the laundry and washing the dishes. But things have changed. The Trump presidency has altered my perspective on a lot of things.

Trump and his team have caused political whiplash and existential chaos, which, in turn, has increased my appreciation for the small things in life. Things like the belief in facts, the existence of truth and the joys of a shared reality, at least with my husband. Also, a renewed love of predictability, consistency and reliability – in people and in the world.

So my boring daily slog is suddenly comforting. It makes me feel secure. My husband’s predictable routines now seem appealing and safe, almost sexy. Chores are no longer frustrating necessities. Sorting socks is now a calming Zen exercise. Fitting dishes into the slots in the dishwasher gives me a sense of success and accomplishment. These are the things in life I can count on. I am not helpless in my own home.

My chores also take me away, for a short time, from the onslaught of breaking news from Washington, DC. They give me moments of quiet before the next storm. I deeply appreciate them for the very repetitiveness that had turned me against them before. Boredom is now my friend. I see it as calmness and peace without the negative connotations I used to attribute to it. It’s the antidote to my PTSD – Perpetual Trump Shitstorm Distress!

I look forward to training my dogs. Sit! Stay! Come! Good girl! Repeat. No lump in my stomach, no sense of dread. No alternative facts or alternate reality. Just me and my dogs agreeing that ‘sit’ means ‘put your butt on the floor’ and ‘stay’ means ‘don’t move until I tell you to.’ Boring, but very reassuring and gratifying.

I appreciate my friends more, at least the ones who share my version of facts and reality. They help me stay grounded. And if I continue to focus on the small things in life that give me pleasure and comfort, I just might make it through the Trump years.


      1. Ellin, I share your feelings. I don’t write as frequently as you, Marilyn and Tommy. Daily blogs are too much like work for me. I write when I “feel” something or feel keenly about something.

        The political stuff drives me bonkers and I just feed off, as a reader, work from you and others. I think I have something cooking in my brain after watching (again) “My Favorite Year” the other night.


    1. Aside from the weekly trauma of discovering more unmatched socks, sorting socks has become an enjoyable activity for me. I even save up two washloads so I can sit and do a huge pile of socks all at one time.

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  1. I can identify with you Ellin. There’s something satisfying about know the drudge work is done and it does take your mind off world affairs. Our Prime Minister is a bit of a worry too.

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    1. The daily housework and dog care routine has become something of an emotional crutch. A way to stay grounded and sane in this crazy world. Who would have thought that we would turn to dishwashers and washing machines to moderate our moods and stabilize our mental health!

      What are you unhappy about with Trudeau?


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