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I’m sometimes slightly hazy about the rough parts of what happened in my life. It isn’t that I have no grip on reality. More that time has a way of softening the edges of hardest truths and making them less edgy.

I seem to have imagined away a lot of the worst stuff. These days, it’s more dreamy. Less like the haunted awfulness of youth. Some of the really bad stuff I worked through. Writing my book was unquestionably one of the major ways I worked through it. It seems I’m better at settling my emotional hash writing about it than talking about it.

Even the people I once hated … I don’t hate them anymore. I don’t like them, either, but they are just people now. I have a distaste for them and I certainly am not going to have a party and invite them round for cookies and tea … but the edge of rage and obsession is gone.

That’s imagination. The ability to see myself as having come from a bad place to a better place. A kind of Christian forgiving, where I recognize it isn’t my job to fix the ugliness of my world. What remains is for some higher power to take on — and good luck to him, her, or them.

Imagination made it possible for me to survive growing up, to try unknown things without dwelling on what might happen if I got it wrong. To believe that things that looked bad might not stay that way and the worst might get better if I stuck around.

Imagination is not merely making up stories. Imagination is the fuel of hope. It’s the big engine under your personal rocket lifting into the sky.

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  1. I love the last line of your post and also the by-line of your blog header.


  2. I think my imagination is more the fuel for a raging wildfire of weirdness. I got way too much practice using my imagination, and I think it shows…


  3. I love that, “imagination is the fuel of hope”…it is indeed!


  4. Imagination is the fuel of hope…. perfect.


  5. And we must thank God for it. Imagination, along with hope, are perhaps the best of things. I love your words on the subject.


  6. It’s just like the moon in your photo. Beautiful, and it looks almost full but a little squished on the left side.


  7. Imagination was my bridge, too. โค


  8. And you can imagine all sorts of things. I love my imagination.


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