We watched a TV show last night. Australian, I think, but they never actually say where it is. I just thought I saw a distant shot of Ayers rock in the background … but you just never know. The point is, the police were hunting for someone and there was this author who had published a lot of books for young adults.

She had earned her money and she had a mansion. It was the size of the New York City library on Fifth Avenue. Which is to say huge. I’ve seen smaller factories. Apparently she made all that money from selling books.

Today, I got an email telling me I had an automatic deposit from Amazon. I must have sold a book! You can never again say that authors don’t get rich selling books!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

33 thoughts on “DIM PROSPECTS”

  1. Having bought the book and read it – you’re being ripped off. I don’t know what’s happening these days but for most of us it is darned hard to make a buck. For others – either politicians, thieves or drug dealers the money just keeps rolling in.

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    1. I know. AND this is much better money than authors with publishers get because the publisher takes most of the money before the author sees it. The only way authors make serious money is when they are very well-known and get control of their contracts — which most of us don’t have. They sell a LOT of book — and they sell the rights to Hollywood and sometimes, TV. That’s where the bigger bucks are. Otherwise … even when you sell a lot of books, it isn’t much money.

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      1. lmao. I haven’t even received mine as yet. A great deal of red tape yet, but having said that, let’s see, a coffee at Timmy’s? woot I feel I’ve hit the big time, roflmao Loved the 5 star inn smirk smirk


          1. Isn’t that delightful. I stayed at the Empress in Victoria. It was 5 star in those days. Truly a delight. Never happened since, but there you are. Perhaps if my book picks up, I’ll have the opportunity yet…wouldn’t that be delightful!


  2. The *real* money is in the 99 cent “romance” novels some people churn out at one a month. They sell by the (virtual) truckloads because they’re less than a buck and full of *ahem* romance… but a million pennies is a million pennies I guess. >_>

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  3. You should write a book on what you can do with 15 cents. Make sure to compare what you could do with that 15 cents one hundred years ago. Congratulations !!!


        1. I got some sales, early on right after I first published it. Without a publisher to ‘push it’ for sales and distribution, it’s hard to make a go of it. I wrote it and I’m glad I did. To be fair, I don’t think this kind of book would ever be a best-seller. It’s not that kind of book.


  4. Talk about your pennies from heaven. My online art rarely sells anymore, but I’m still giddy when I see the token royalty show up that will (once the return period has cleared) add a few cents to my bottom line. I’ll bet that big author in the factory sized mansion doesn’t get all pumped up when she receives a 15 cent commission. At least we can still truly appreciate the small joys in life…


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