Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wildlife

I’m proud of this shot. It took place so far away from me that all I could see was some white feathers in the sun. I just ran the lens as far as it would go and hoped I would get something. I did. A once in a lifetime shot of a swan defending his nest again incoming geese. Ultimately, the geese left the pond, but the swans lost their nest and eggs.

Protecting the nest — Incoming geese and nesting swan

On a less serious note, this week, Cee’s subject is wildlife. Although this probably doesn’t include The Duke, I think that might be an error. I’m pretty sure The Duke is a wild dog who decided it’s okay to live amongst humans where the food is better and you don’t get rained on while you nap.

Following are other wildlife I have encountered. Watch out for the lions and bears!

Lion – Roar!



Heron catching a fish

A bear and a mountain goat

Another bear

In glass

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11 replies

  1. What a chuckle over Gibbs and Wolfman, nice compilation Marilyn. I’m working on a painting of some wolves. They have a distinctive facial shape.


  2. I really like your glass wolves, they must be beautiful in sun. Wonderful gallery Marilyn. 😀


  3. Gibbs really does look like the Wolfman in that shot! I’ll bet he’d be good enough to scare off any invading geese, especially if the Duke was riding shotgun with him…

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  4. I liked that you mixed it up Marilyn!


  5. Although a super shot of the swan it is always sad when nature shows its negative side


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