Wherever there is water, there is a tree …

WordPress Photo Challenge: Out of This World

Nothing look more other-worldly to me than the desert. Even when I am there, it all seems unreal to me.

Of strange materials …

From the huge blue dome of the sky, to the rocky ground and the strange trees and cactus, it is another world.

Not far from Phoenix …



    • Those mountains get ME every time, too. These days, after a couple of long visits there, we are watching a western and I say “Hey, I have that picture!” and sure enough, I do. They shot a LOT of those movies maybe 25 miles outside Phoenix. The mountains are amazing, especially the Superstitions.


    • I think deserts look other worldly. Israel’s mountains are so similar people who come from the Southwest frequently say it look “exactly like home.” The weather is identical, too. The deserts are the same in Jordan too, I think, but in other parts of the area — Saudi Arabia, for example — they are entirely different. They look like yet another world!


    • I think much of the our Southwest is very otherworldly. There are a lot of places I still would love to travel, but I think we’re pretty much traveled out. It’s not just money. We’re tired. Now, if ONLY they would invent the transporter …


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