The weather guys promised us a major storm. We’ve got one.

It probably isn’t as dangerous here as it will be along the coast, where massive erosion and possible earth slides are anticipate (three consecutive astronomic high tides and the storm together), but it’s pouring rain. Our big oak trees are swaying like saplings in the wind.

You have no idea how nervous I get when 150 foot tall oaks move like that. I try not to think about what happens if they just happen to snap and fall. On us.

Meanwhile, though, the lights are on, the house is warm, the rain is merely outside and the dogs are asleep. While above us, the giant trees sway, inside, all is — so far — well. This is a very big storm and it might yet snow, though I hope not.

The pictures — taken from inside the house — I’m just not crazy enough to go out there — do not show the wind. But it’s there. You can hear it. Odd the way the wind is up there, high in the trees, while there is very little wind down along the ground.

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  1. I love the rainbow hues in the top photo window! Nicely done. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Trust the trees will stay put and not bother you two ( OK – you 5!) Stay Safe!


  2. Stay safe and warm. โค xo


  3. Hope you are well and your trees don’t fall over. I get so scared when we have high winds like that too. Stay safe.


  4. When we lived on the North end of the island, it wasn’t unusual to have 90 – 120 mph winds. 90 in town, worse the further north. We get winds here 70 to 90 (twice since I’ve moved here) and mostly 45 50 but disturbing for all that. HOpe you have a beautiful warm fire going and the dogs are good company and the power doesn’t go out. xoxoxo to you and Garry and the pooches too


  5. Down on the Cape. Just got back from walking the dogs, Yep, it’s that bad out there ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • I heard it was going to be worst along the coast. It’s bad here, but probably not as bad. Our yard has turned to mud and it has all washed down onto the sidewalks, so it’s a godawful disgusting MESS.

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      • It’s as windy as I’ve seen it here and I’ve sat out two Tropical Storms, a Hurricane and two Blizzards. There have been reports of flooding, but we’re safe. But I hear it’s going to be awful along the Bay side and up, around into the Boston area. Just amazing that they may have three record breaking tides in a row.


        • Just watching the news. It’s pretty ugly up around Boston. It’s probably worse down around the Cape, but it’s less built up and I think most houses close to the shore are built to handle flooding. But what a wind! I don’t think I’ve seen our oak trees swaying like that. I’m glad it’s dark so I can’t keep watching.

          It should be over by midnight, or so they are saying. But there’s still one more high tide. Keep safe, stay dry!

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          • Well, right after I left my last message, our power went out. Our generator isn’t working either. I just received a message from Eversource that power should be restored by 6 PM on Wednesday…. I also just got back New Hampshire with a car full of food from the refrigerator that won’t last till Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, it got bad


            • We’ve been incredibly lucky here. Our power rarely goes out and when it does, it’s usually only for an hour or two. We got some very serious wind and rain, but not being on the coast, it didn’t attack us they way it pounded you. We watched the news and it was really fierce out there. We’ve got an electric pump for our well, so I always live in dread of losing power. Food is important, but water is the one thing you really can’t live very long without. I hope you get your power back a LOT sooner than Wednesday! That’s an awfully long wait.

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              • Typically I’ve been lucky. In New Hampshire I am in a small village that seems to always get their power back right away. On the Cape I have the generator. This weekend my luck ran out. Both places we have town water, so not a problem, but on the Cape we have one of those instant, tankless hot water systems. What that means is no big 45 gallon tank full of hot water when the electricity goes out. We do have a gas stove, so were able to make hot water for dishes.


                • We should have a generator, but we ran out of money before we got one. Without electricity, our heating system — which is oil — doesn’t work because it need a small amount of electricity to get started. The hot water tank works off of the heating unit — and EVERYTHING works from the well. And it’s a 450 foot deep well, so we aren’t going to be dropping buckets in there to get a little water, either.

                  So far, so good. Maybe we’ll win the lottery and have money to fix up the place. Then again, probably not.

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                  • Yeah, both places heating relies on electricity. You should look at a very small generator that will only takes care of your well and heating. Everything after that is luxury.


                    • I had hoped to do that with this year’s tax refund, but we’ve got a rotting window that need replacing and possibly a piece of wall … But my son is amazingly good at finding second hand stuff for short money, so maybe he can find something. That would really ease my mind.

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  6. Sounds really scary, I heard about the storm on the news. So sorry you are going through this.
    We had a bit of snow during the night but I don’t think it will stay.


  7. Those winds are unpredictable, you never know whether the trees can withstand them. Our last storm destroyed parr of a forest and there were tree trunks laying everywhere, so keep safe.


    • All I can do is watch them sway and hope none of them decided to fall over. So far, so good and the wind seems to have died off a little. It’s not as bad as it was a few hours ago, but I don’t know if it’s going to hang around another day. I don’t like wind, probably because we live under all the trees!

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  8. We’re just getting the wind so far. Be well!


  9. Windstorms are scary, Marilyn. I’m so glad there are no large trees close enough to fall on my house! With high wind, though, we have to worry about power outages – which are ok unless it’s raining, and then there’s that sump pump issue. Fortunately, our “major storm” (which brought the Weather Channel here yesterday) was not as bad as predicted. We did get the foot of snow, but the storm had stopped by this morning so we could all dig out – and the sun’s out now. Typical Western New York weather.


  10. That looks so cosy in there … how lovely! Weโ€™ve not been able to get the car out for a few days now because of the snow, and itโ€™s really quite lovely. Might not be when we run out of milk though!


    • It’s pretty dangerous outside. Sooner or later, we are going to have to make the dogs go out, but they are showing zero interest in outsideness. They have deduced that this is a sofa day. And we are only getting a small piece of this storm. Along the coast, it’s much worst and north of here, it’s all blizzard. My lord, those trees are really MOVING. Scary scary trees.

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  11. Wishing you all the safety and inner peace that can possibly be during a storm like that! You are a mighty tree bending but not breaking in the stormy winds.


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