• I had just paid some gigantic amount of money for those new sunglasses and I wanted to show them off. Somehow a selfie with my snout in the middle didn’t quite do it for me. So. I put them down on the table and went to look for a camera. I looked at them. I moved them around. I thought “that’s a shot!” and I took a few, moved them around a bit more, took a few more pictures. I’ve been messing with them graphically for a couple of years, too. I wanted them to look a bit abstract, but still be recognizable.

      I used to take a lot of “magazine” pictures for an online shop I owned. I spent a lot of time taking pictures of little things. Trying to make them look attractive and interesting. There are a lot of tricks to shooting “things,” but these days because I don’t have lights and a proper table setup, I have to work with whatever light happens to be coming through a window. These shots are best done with standing lights.

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      • Oh wow – if only I had your eye. I’m still quite conventional but you, Debbie of Travel with Intent and Cee are definitely helping me to begin to see things differently 😊


        • I like angles. Also, I look at other peoples’ pictures and if I like it, I try to figure out what I like and then, how they did it. Also, to be fair, I’ve been an enthusiastic amateur photographer for 50 years. It would be sad if I hadn’t made any progress in all that time πŸ™‚ However, the processing was never as good as my picture taking, so a lot of what I’m doing these days is working on processing. Also, I don’t get outside much this time of year. Hardly at all. There nothing much to shoot in the dead of winter — which it still is — so it’s a good time to go back and process pictures and see if I can make better versions of pictures I took but never really did much with. If that makes sense?


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