What is typical? This winter, having some version of that stomach flu that has come and gone twice before and has returned again. It isn’t as severe this time as last time and will probably be gone in a day or two, but it’s really annoying.

It did give me a good reason to cancel the EKG scheduled for this afternoon. I have another appointment with the same doctor in two weeks, so I doubled it up. I will do the EKG at the same time as the rest of the appointment. I can’t figure out why they set it up as two appointments in the first place. Surely it doesn’t take two weeks to read an EKG? Especially not this doctor who can read them as the machine spits them out. He’s that good.

We got a couple more hours of sleep and don’t need to make two trips to Boston.

It’s a typical March day. Cold and gray, with patches of blue. It snowed last night. An inch and a half maybe? It was all white when I first got up to call the doctor. An hour later, it was gone.

Yesterday, we did a family togetherness act and cleaned up the front yard, moving all the wet, half-rotted leaves away from the foundation. It wasn’t a big deal. It took the three of us about half an hour, but it vastly improved the horrible front yard.

I wondered if there was anything we could do to keep the dirt from washing down the hill onto the sidewalk. The answer — to put it succinctly — was “not really.” We would have to build a full retaining wall. Given the rocky rooty ground, that’s a far more massive undertaking than it sounds when you say it. I wondered about one of those metal rim things, but our ground is so unfriendly — the nightmare of finding places to put the stakes for the tepee came immediately to mind. I realized I was having one of those suburban daydreams where you think it’s going to be just like on television. All neat and tidy and the lady of the house can do it without even getting her fingernails dirty.

It was easier when we had grass. Maybe some will grow in the spring. Probably planting some seeds would help, but the dogs would trample them. Never mind.

I have one more doctor to call. There is a package that needs to go to the Post Office.

And, in my spare time, I’m trying to find an affordable DVD player. The one we have is getting old and it’s very slow. But the new ones are like new telephones. They have a million functions I’m sure I will never use. So many that I’m not entirely sure whether or not they also play DVD and CDs. Which is all I want.

New ones function as a play station for video games. They will read any DVD from anywhere in the world, Bluetooth or standard plus any CD from any market. They include WiFi and can do the same things our Roku does. They will run your older movies in 1080p by upscaling the quality of the video. They have the ability to play 3D — assuming you have a 3D television (we don’t). It would improve the quality of our sound system. We have a reasonably good sound bar,  but calling it a “system” would be overstating its capabilities. I think, if you ask it politely, these same machines will also handle your laundry and possibly your bills.

Each one I checked out had some weird quirk that make me hate it before buying it. No red light to tell you whether it’s on or not. No buttons — so if you misplace your remote, the box is useless. Strange quirks which make the screen-saver take over, requiring a full reboot to restart your movie. And there were more. The kind of stuff that makes me crazy. I just want something that will play our newer and older DVDs and sometimes, a CD.

I eventually quit looking. We’ll keep what we have until it dies of old age at which point, I will reconsider what to get next.

As I said: a typical day. Or is it an atypical day?

Is there a difference?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

27 thoughts on “A TYPICAL DAY – MORE OR LESS”

  1. Speaking of “remote mania,” most of the new TVs are only operable from a remote.., no onboard controls. So, if your remote fails, which they are wont to do, you’re screwed. Hopefully, this will happen on a station you watch all the time, Hee, hee 🙂


  2. The Sony Playstation is one of the best DVD players out there. And we have been through many DVD players. Too bad we didn’t live closer, I would have given you my old DVD/CD and VHS combo! Barely used it since we got the Playstaytion.


    1. The new Sony DVD players include the play station. It’s a “one size fits all” solution. We just aren’t serious game players. Garry is a non game player and I’m more inclined to Scrabble or solitaire. Having something that can replace the Roku would be OK — if it really works and there are a lot arguments about whether they work better or worse. The player we have works. It’s just incredibly slow. And it doesn’t read anything but DVDs. I wish I could take yours. It’s frustrating because basically, what I want is what I’ve got, but maybe with WiFi. The rest of it? We’ll never use it.


  3. The front garden looks wonderful. For mud mitigation here, they are using hay rolls — not pretty, but effective, and perhaps you could devise some version that would work in your yard.


  4. We picked up a DVD player for about $5.00 from the second hand store. It doesn’t have a remote control, but it might work with one of the universal remotes from Dollarama.


    1. Good luck with that. Ours currently work. They are just old and very slow. There’s no point in getting some other old machine. We already have two old machines. I really wanted what we’ve got, but newer and faster 😀


    1. We do that too, but we have a lot of DVDs and not everything is conveniently shown when we might want to watch it. We also have a fair number of movies that are no longer available — anywhere. We’ve been collecting movies for many years.

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      1. We gave almost all of our DVDs and VHS tapes the last time we moved. No point keeping them since we no longer had a working DVD player or VHS recorder/player.


        1. We got rid of our tapes … and we had a LOT more tapes than DVDs. But we have a lot of rare or impossible to find movies — Garry’s favorites. And I like being able to watch even when cable is not working. I like owning my own entertainment. I’ve given up on books, but I still download anything I want to read, just in case I can’t get the connection I need to read connected. I don’t know about your WiFi service, but ours if sometimes pretty dodgy.

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  5. Can’t believe you’ve been out working in the yard already… We got missed by that last storm but headed our way for Wednesday. The snow pack is down to about a foot right now with the wild winds and a bit of sun. Hopefully that will make mud season a little less muddy. In New England, ever the typical days are atypical! 🙂 Hope you’re on the mend and enjoying some sunshine. xo


  6. Don’t give up on books, I’ve seen other bloggers urging folks to cut down on social media sites and go back to reading-so there is still hope for books. I miss those red blinking lights on the phone that indicated you had a call. And speaking of quirks-My new (used) 2013 Chevy Spark locks itself if I turn my wheels a certain way, And one day I couldn’t turn my car on. it took me $400 and a month to discover all I had to do was move the steering wheel a little to the right, then turn the key. (Chevy’s idea of burglar proofing). My daughter has a 1998 Volvo that still has the same battery. Oh well. Today I read someplace that Winter is almost over.

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    1. I haven’t give up reading, but I’ve given up buying books. I read on my Kindle and listen to many of them rather then reading them. I love audiobooks.

      I hate automatic everything. I like having actual control over the materials I use. I’m also convinced that all these automatic cars are one day going to lose a piece of computer and we won’t be able to use them at all.

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  7. The reason they make you two different appointments is, i believe, so they get two lots of fees paid when one would suffice.

    DVD ( actually all recording) technology is changing so quickly these days it can be very hard to have something ‘new’ that lets you play your ‘old’ stuff ( even when old = 2 years or sometimes even less! 😦 )

    I don’t see that improving any time soon.

    Good luck with finding a decent player.

    It might just be possible that Google will soon have every movie/tv series ever made available on the cloud somewhere ( they have pretty much already got every book ever written up there). So perhaps you might be able to get by with just decent wi-fi?

    Of course that’s no use when the wi-fi goes out. Saw on TV last night that 250,000 Massachusettians are sill without power from the storm! 😦

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  8. Maybe. Regardless, they get paid separately for tests, no matter when I do them. I don’t think they get an appointment fee for tests. I suspect it was just that someone thought i should get the tests done before I see the doctor … but it’s an EKG. Any cardiologist can read an EKG.

    We didn’t lose power, but many many others did. We’ve got yet another storm coming day after tomorrow. I’m so tired of the storms.


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