As I am now in the middle of “The Two Towers, ” deep in the syntax of J.R.R. Tolkien as the peoples of Middle Earth fight the encroaching darkness. 

Speaking of branches, the Ents have taken a stand against Saruman . This is one of my favorite parts of the books and as far as I am concerned, I live amongst my Ents. I often talk to my trees because if they are Entish, they are istening.


I’ve passed the battle of Helm’s Deep when Theoden asks Gandalf if they can get back to the life they knew before all this ugliness. Gandalf says no because evil leaves traces. You fight it. Even if you win, remnants remain.

“But what about the peoples of Middle Earth? Will we all vanish?”

Gandalf says “Perhaps. Sometimes that’s the price we pay.” This isn’t literally what they said, but close enough.

I’m sufficiently ill this morning to feel like one of the vanishing people of Middle Earth and I am off to the doctor. I think this is going to be a missing day for me. Between the doctor, pharmacy, and grocery (it’s supposed to snow tomorrow), I’m not going to be around most of the day.

Consider me one of the vanished people of Middle Earth — an Ent’s small, lost twig.

22 thoughts on “ROOT, TREE AND BRANCH

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  2. I consider You a vast branch of life. A pillar. A trunk of Truth.
    The Ring has been entrusted to You. Because You are worthy.
    Hold it high. Hold it close. We salute you In your difficult Quest and Mission.

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    • I sure do hope the fate of humanity isn’t REALLY resting on me. Sheesh. I could barely make it through the doctor, the pharmacy, the grocery, the post office … and cooking dinner 😀 This was a very big day for me. Really, just trying to get everything done before we get beaten up by the weather. Again.

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      • I hear ya. I see another massive weather event heading your way. I wasn’t when I said I expect a mass exodus out of the Maritimes this year.
        And I just went to the Doc yesterday. Now I have take some pills for my heart and others for my cholesterol – I’m a high risk for stroke. – on top of my Diabetes 2 pills.


            • We are ALL going through something. That’s just what happens as we age. We are still ON our feet. We are getting by, we are a live. Plenty of my former friends are not. So when I get up in the morning and I’m alive and can drink some coffee and go on with my day. Considering all the stuff that has happened in my life during the past 15 years, LIFE is no small thing.

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    • I will. This is one of those weird medical issues that drops by, knocks me down — then disappears before it can be diagnosed. I have NO idea what causes it or why it shows up in the middle of nothing special. All I was doing was watching TV on the sofa. My body is such a mess.

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  3. Take care, Marilyn.

    And yeah, every time I read LOTR I find it moves me more than the last time, in surprising ways. This time around the riders of Rohan had me by the throat, and always Gandalf. Im as glad to see him return as any of the Hobbits.

    Its one of those Universal books, after all. It seems to have bits for whatever life we’re in at the moment, both large and small.


    • I’ve also gotten very into Rohan this time. Less Lothlorien, more the magnificent steeds and oh my, Shadowfax. Also, I think I like Aragorn better this time around. I think I’ve read the books — 12 times maybe since 1967? Not counting the movies. Maybe more. They somehow make me feel better about the world and I don’t even know exactly why. Maybe it’s that “never say die” attitude of Gandalf and the hobbits.


    • There’s going to be a lot of tests and I’m afraid I’m going to learn nothing. Again. This is one of those weird things that has come and gone for many years without any diagnosis. It comes, tries to kill me, then vanishes without a trace. At this point, I’d just like to know what the hell it IS.


    • I just love the trees and the trees that herd other trees. Also, another favorite moment is when Legolas looks back into the woods and he says “Look, they have eyes.” Indeed, all of the trees have eyes. Occasionally, I think MY trees have eyes.

      We are getting more snow tomorrow, so they say. i am so weary of this winter.

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