The story of the cat in the tree is part of our family folk-lore. While not a major, life-altering event, it’s a good story with a happy ending.

Tom and I were scheduled to leave for London the following day. It was summer. Both of our young adult children were living at home with us. We were relaxing after dinner when we heard a cat meowing from outside the house. Our two cats — we also had three dogs — were exclusively indoor cats.

Tom, me, our kids, David and Sarah, and our three dogs at our wedding in 2002

We commented that we hadn’t realized our neighbors had cats. After a few more ‘meows’, we decided to do a head count and make sure that both of our cats were where they were supposed to be. One cat, Hillary, was missing. Shit!

So all four of us went outside and started to frantically search the fenced in backyard for our missing cat. We were worried she might be injured since she lived on the second floor of the house. The only way to get from there to the back yard, was off our bedroom deck and roof, which was pretty high up from the ground.

We searched and searched. It started to get dark so we got flashlights. When we called, she would answer us, but we couldn’t pinpoint her location. One minute she’d sound like she was off to our left. The next minute, she’d sound as if she was on our right. We got increasingly confused. We were also beginning to panic. We had to find Hillary if we wanted to leave on our trip the next day!

It eventually occurred to us that cats can climb trees. We might be looking in the wrong place for Hillary. So Tom took the flashlight up to the bedroom deck and shined it straight into the giant evergreen tree right outside our bedroom. There she was. Contentedly sitting in the tree. We figured she must have started to slide down the slanted roof and caught her fall by jumping onto the overhanging tree branch.

Tom said he’d climb the tree and get Hillary. The rest of us were afraid Tom would kill himself so we tried to dissuade him. Tom convinced us that it was an easy tree to climb and that he was an expert tree climber. So we agree and Tom climbed up to the second floor level and tried to grab Hillary. She got spooked and moved higher up the tree. After this little dance continued for a while, our daughter, Sarah, decided to step in.

Who do you call when your cat is stuck in a tree? The Fire Department. Sarah called our Volunteer Fire Department. She explained that both her cat and father were in a tree and needed help. The operator then asked Sarah if it was her father or the cat’s father who was up in the tree with Hillary.


The Fire Department actually came. You might think firemen rescue cats from trees all the time and would know how to do it. This was true — fifty years ago. Not, however, these days. The firemen asked US what we wanted them to do. “Get a ladder.” Tom answered. So they brought out a tall ladder. But it was not tall enough.

The fireman then yelled up to Tom, “The ladder’s too short! What do you want me to do?”

What Tom did was creative and brave. He grabbed Hillary, hung upside down by his knees on a branch and handed the cat off to the fireman at the top of the ladder. Victory! Everyone gathered around the rescued cat – and completely forgot about Tom, still hanging upside down in the tree. One fireman finally went back to the tree and asked if Tom could get down on his own. Tom was hot and sweaty and exhausted, but he managed to climb down safely.

Before the firemen left, one of them phoned in a report to the office. This is what he said: “One cat and one adult male in tree. Successful recovery.”

That pretty much sums it all up!

19 thoughts on “UP IN A TREE – ELLIN CURLEY”

  1. Hillary! That vixen!! And sweet Tom! We remodeled our bathroom once and our cat Sam decided to crawl in a space under our new bathtub. I could hear her meowing faintly within the walls of the house!! Took me a minute to figure it out what happened. I had to bribe her out with food!

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    1. The cat in the tree was nothing compared with the rabbit in the bathroom cabinet. A rabbit crawled behind a built in in the bathroom and got stuck. We had to get an emergency visit from the carpenter. Each time he had a chance to grab the rabbit, she got scared and moved farther back behind the cabinet. He ended up having to take apart the entire built in! But the rabbit was rescued, no worse for the wear. The bathroom was another story!

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    1. It was a rude awakening to find out that the Fire Department actually had no idea how to rescue cats from trees. And are not well equipped to do so. Tom was the real hero in this story- the unsung hero who was left hanging in a tree in the middle of the night once the cat was brought down to ground level.

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  2. She’s a beautiful looking cat. I can just picture Tom hanging upside down from a tree branch. I chuckle but that would be horrible and really difficult to climb down from there from that position.

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    1. Hillary was one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen! Glad you appreciate her stunning good looks! Her personality wasn’t so stellar. She got more affectionate as she got older, but was not the cuddliest cat. The whole family loves the image of Tom let hanging upside down in a tree as we all rush off to make sure the cat is okay!


  3. Our ferret — also a Bonnie — decided to take up residence inside the leather sofa. After we had to slash it open to get her out, it never looked QUITE the same. Neither did the wall after we had to pry it loose to extract her. Pets.

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    1. Ferrets are supposed to be wonderful pets. But I guess they get into things, just like all other pets do.


  4. It was funny watching them pack up and leave, wondering if any one of them would notice me. And I wasn’t hot and sweaty!


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