This year winter came late, but when it finally did, it hit us intensely with tons of snow and storm winds. Snow even appeared on the streets of Rome and Venice. I did not go south to capture it, but here is a scene from a small town nested amidst Italian mountains. I apologize to my friends in the Southern hemisphere for this theme, but I hope they can find something to interpret it: it does not have to be a new photo, or a photo of a landscape/town scene. It can be a reminder of winter, sort of a memento. Whatever you choose as a subject, I very much look forward to seeing your interpretations. Take your time posting. I will look at your entries next week. Wishing you all a happy Thursday!

Winter came early. The first snow was Christmas day, but then there was a lag and it was January before we got a blizzard and a run of three relatively heavy snows in a row. A few more in early February, then a lot of grey, warmish days.

As March came around, I hoped we’d seen the last snowfall. Not a chance. We had another last night. It was supposed to be a big one, but we got lucky and only got the bottom edge.

We didn’t get the worst of it. It started late here, so we got about 4 inches — but heavy, wet snow that had all the trees bent over when I got up this morning. By the time I got around to taking a few pictures, much of the snow on the trees had fallen off — rather like a second snowfall.

Our snow plow guy vanished. By two this afternoon, it was obvious we were going to have to get someone else in. The guy who finally came miscalculated where the driveway ended and plowed up the entire backyard. Whatever hope I had of grass just became mud with tire ruts.

He didn’t charge us for the wreckage and was really apologetic, with many promises of returning to fix the mess — and it is a serious mess. At least it was a free mess.

Duke and the picture window

Although I’d like this to be “the end,” there another snow forecast for Monday. I am so tired of winter! Even the beauty of the scenery cannot get me interested. I have had it. But it’s March and sometimes March is very heavy with snow. Especially what we had today, that heavy wet snow that breaks the trees from its weight.

Duke turns away from the winter window

Here’s hoping for a less weighty remainder of March.

As a side note, our road isn’t properly plowed either. I think they ran out of money for plowing. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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21 thoughts on “WINTRY – IT SNOWED ALL NIGHT

  1. The way the snow is clinging to the sides of the trees you can tell there must have been some heavy winds too. Oh Marilyn, I’m sending you some warm sunny weather. They keep threatening us with more snow or rain but it doesn’t come. I’m not complaining.

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  2. I believe you have a 25th anniversary of a big Nor’easter coming up in a couple days. March can be notorious for big snows since the weather is so variable around the equinoxes. At least at that time of the year, it could always end up melting the next day…


    • We had one “April Fool’s Day” storm in the late 1990s. 27 Inches in Boston which melted (with a lot of flooding) in three days. I know there’s the 90th anniversary of the 1888 Blizzard — my birthday storm. There may be others because you are right, the weather this time of year is notoriously unstable. As the winds change around, it gets crazy. Sometimes it’s tropical style drenching rains (with appropriate flooding rivers and streams and ponds) and the rest of the time, it’s blizzards. Every once in a while, spring shows up. Totally random and unpredictable.


  3. We just had our snow and cold snap (first time the temperature dropped below zero for more than a day for years), now it’s getting up into double figures. Very weird weather this year.


    • You’ve been getting OUR weather this year! Normally, you have a steady wind and I forget which ocean current that levels your weather patterns, but I am guessing you lost it this year. Normally at your latitude, you’d have our kind of weather, but those currents and winds keep you warm and rainy rather than bitterly cold and snowy. Those crazy climate changes really ARE happening. I keep trying to explain to people — it’s not JUST warming.

      It’s climate change. Major change. Everywhere. All over the world from the poles to the equator. I know weather changes, but not this fast and not everywhere.

      For what it’s worth, our weather is ALWAYS wacko, so this is no different than any other year for us. You never know what you’re going to get. We are on the edge of the polar winds that sweep down from the arctic through Montreal (meteorologists used to call it the “Montreal Express”) and our ocean is COLD. Plus, we get storms coming from all four directions. Every once in a while, we get what they lovingly call “a perfect storm” — an incoming ocean storm, and outgoing storm from the west, an arctic monster from Canada and something wet and windy from the south. They meat right near Boston and all Hell breaks loose. When the storms mesh, they create a giant storm with cyclonic winds, Noah-level rain (or snow), and massive erosion. Entire harbors have been known to literally disappear. Whole beaches are gone. I remember when, on Long Island, one of these storms destroyed four complete beaches … our favorite beaches, actually. Just gone.

      The last time we had one of these monsters was in the mid 1990s. We lost a lot of shoreline. Boats sank and were never recovered, all hands lost. The New England coastline is infamous for terrible storms. And vicious rocks. Combine the storms and the rocks and we also have a rich minefield of sunken ships.

      There was a movie about it “The Perfect Storm” and a few books, too. You can look them up.

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  4. Im sorry for the snow, since it makes life so difficult. I’m lucky in that I can’t drive so it’s never a problem in that regard. |I can look at it and enjoy. Ours is gone although we’ve had bouts of “threatening” rain mixed with snow and it’s cold enough for heavy frost but no snow, (knock on wood) it could happen still. Enjoyed the pics though. Pooches handling everything ok?


  5. Although we are far away from each other, our weather is very similar our last snow came late an although it was a heavy two day fall, it had now completely disappeared, You can always hope that spring is just around the corner. Our lawn is still recovering from the destruction the builders left behind.


  6. Our winter came late this year too — after the mudslide disaster of early January, we have had a total of about 4 inches of rain (we should have had about 12 inches by now!) in several short, mild bursts. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday, and again for a couple of days during the coming week, but it should be a light rain — enough to sprout some bruxh and grass, but hopefully not enough to send mud down the hillsides.

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