I write a lot of pieces about celebrities I've met in my professional life. They are fun to remember and share. Sometimes it feels like name dropping or playing a broken record if the story is written too frequently. Friends and acquaintances assure me there's an audience for these stories and I should continue to … Continue reading THE BIRTHDAY GIRL – GARRY ARMSTRONG

What Happens In One Lifetime?

This seemed particularly appropriate for this birthday. At age 71 -- what happened? How many hours for how many different activities?  I think I've had fewer baths and far more Netflix! In a lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill anywhere between 180 to 360 bathtubs, cry 1745 times, and make 146,801,613 steps. This … Continue reading What Happens In One Lifetime?


Reducing Clutter, by Rich Paschall When my grandfather retired and my grandparents moved back to Tennessee from Chicago where they had lived for close to twenty years, they gave away many items they felt they no longer needed.  Chief among them was a snow blower.  "What if it snows, grandpa?" I asked.  He explained that … Continue reading THE ACCUMULATION OF STUFF – RICH PASCHALL


Today is my birthday. It's also the anniversary of the biggest, baddest blizzard to ever hit the east coast of the United States. The early part of March is frequently stormy. Blizzards are common, though usually the snow melts quickly in the spring. I appear to have been destined for snowy climes. This is not … Continue reading THE WHITE HURRICANE: 03-11-1888