Captivating. Adorable. Charming.
And then, there’s the Motor Vehicle Bureau

For me, that would probably mean dogs, cats, birds, horses … and anything going on in New England in the Autumn. And, okay … those first few minutes after snow has fallen when the world is hushed and completely white, blanketed in snow so that every little thing is hidden by that perfect white frosting.

Late afternoon with the sun low in the sky
The little white house with the big red tree
The Duke
Sunrise – Home on the Vernal Equinox
Sunset – Jackman, Maine

I hope you will find this all quite captivating. It makes me years to go out and shoot a few more pictures. Except today, we are off to the Motor Vehicle Bureau because — yes, it has come around again and Garry is past 75 and he has to go in and prove he can see and understand simple instructions. I think from this point on in our lives, we are never going to escape again.

At least we can still renew the registration by mail. I’m going to try to deal with this with as little stress as I can manage. Thing beautiful images, oh self. Think sunrise and mountains and rivers and don’t think about bureaucrats.

Today, I am thinking captivating, beautiful


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. I had to do that one last yearvat the age of 70 and passed, but still don’t know how. We have to go to our doctor to prove we can do it. Since then the powers that be have decided it is no longer necessary to do it so often (every 2 years). Lovely photos. A trip in the car is always a good opportunity.


    1. Thanks. I think we are going to have to do it now too, at least whenever our licenses are due. It used to be 5 years, but I think that is about to change. At least we are getting ONE sunny day! The rest of the week is going to be raining, snowing, and generally miserable.

      The pictures were to remind me that it will get better. Soon or so we hope!! Later, my friend. We are off to do the business of the state!

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      1. In this weather, with the mud (they created in your yard) and off and off again snow/rain, it’s probably a waste of money. Once spring has sprung, better idea? What did you do for your b day by the way??? eagerly nosey hopes it was a great day for you.


  2. Deep breaths. Think, it’s nearly spring. Yes, really. The photos are lovely, most evocative.

    Used to be that when you hit 70 in this state you were required to find your way to the DMV and take a driving test to prove you were still capable. Oh, how I longed for that day for my husband who no longer believes in directionals, who has become a tail gater while berating other folks…Oh, I waited for that. And several years ago they abolished the practice.

    Methinks they’ve run out of money to staff such places, since just to renew our license we no longer head for the nearest town, but are forced to drive 40 miles to do so.

    I really think it’s a good idea, since there are definitely some scareee drivers out there who can no longer see well, keep confusing the gas and brake pedal, and are still referring to their ten year old car as “my new car, where IS the button for the windshield wipers…’


    1. They only do it here at renewal time. If you are 75 or older, you have to come in for each renewal and get an eye test and have a little chat to make sure you are still coherent. But that’s it. Five years is a long time between 76 and 81. A lot can happen.


    1. It starts first time at 70 with an eye test, but after that, each time you need to renew, you have to go back again. No, it’s not a bad idea. There are a lot of people who really should be driving. The problem is, around here, there’ no public transport so if you can’t drive, you are in trouble.


  3. I don’t think they have that age requirement here in New York State. On the one hand, I hope not, as I’m fast approaching my 70s. But on the other hand, I see an awful lot of people in their 80s and 90s that really shouldn’t be driving at all – so having them re-tested definitely sounds like a good thing. As far as I know right now, the only way to force a senior citizen to take a driving test is if their doctor requires it, or if they get into an accident and the judge requires it. Good luck to Garry, but I’m sure he’ll do just fine.


    1. I’m sure they do have that law because I lived in NY a long time and I remember it. But it is enforced VERY loosely. Garry’s test was so ridiculously easy, a slow-witted third-grader could have passed it. There are all kinds of laws to protect people from being”really” tested, so yeah, there are a lot of people who drive who really should not be anywhere the driver’s seat.


  4. Your photos are quite captivating Marilyn…my favorite the last in Maine. And now you will be held captive by the bureaucracy that reigns at the DMV. Best if luck!


    1. We got in and out reasonably fast — for the RMV. We got there before lunch, which helps. If you get there during or after lunch, that’s it for the day. It took us about an hour and half, an hour and a quarter of which was waiting. But when we left, it WAS lunchtime and there was a line out the door into the parking lot. Over all, it could have been a lot worse.


  5. Glad your trip to the MVD went okay. I went one morning, waited an hour and a half, asked how much longer, and was told about two hours to go. So, they suggested I get in line a 30-60 minutes before they opened the next day, and I might be one of the first 30 in the door. I did it, it worked. But, why does the process have to be so convoluted.


    1. I think the guy in charge of Garry’s group — the eye test group — was out on a break for the first half hour. After that, it started to move, but he was number 30, so he had to wait for 29 people ahead of him. I figure we did okay. We got out in time for lunch. Usually, we’re there for at least half a day. But we timed it well. Middle of the month, mid morning before lunch. There were (gasp) even a few parking spaces! That never happens.

      As for convoluted — hey — it’s the MVB. If it weren’t convoluted, it wouldn’t be America.


  6. Well at least that chore is out the way for a a while. It is very difficult to get around if you don’t drive and live in the country. I manage because we have a reasonable bus service to Hobart and these days I don’t often seem to leave the neighbourhood anyway but it is a factor in thinking where we will move to. My sister drives but one day she might want to or have to stop.
    Lovely photos, very captivating.


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