Circles and squares in squares. What could be simpler?

Pods to the fuchsia

Seeking squares and circles — inside squares, of course!

Squaring the Square With a Lovely Pink Pod

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. Sadly, they are the fuchsias of the past and those are the seed pods for springs to come. It’s at least two months to buy a fucsia here. I HOPE I can get a pair this year. They are difficult to find for some reason.


        1. For some reason, they are hard to find around here. Maybe it’s the lack of nurseries or maybe it’s that spring is so very late up here.. They were easy to find in New York, but not here. They don’t become available until the air is really warm. The cold kills them and it can be pretty cold here quite late … except when it isn’t!


          1. It is odd isn’t it . . . . I wonder if the original plants would survive. I’ve got a hardy one that lives very happily outside, no matter what the weather. Perhaps it originates from the one in the extreme south of South America hence coping with the cold.


            1. They do alright in cool weather, but when it gets genuinely cold they fold up and die. They don’t seem to make it as indoor plants and I’m not sure how they start them, either. I’ve never heard of a hearty one. All of ours are spreading summer plants which do well in mixed sun and shade through warm weather. If there are hearty ones, bring them on! But none of them are going to stand our winters, I think.


    1. These come in a variety of colors. My favorite is this color with a dark purple outer leaf. i can’t always get what I want. i can’t always even get fuchsia, but on a good year, they are so beautiful.


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