Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 16, 2018

Roads and snow …

UMass Memorial – parking lots and garage … and cars …

Garry clearing the front path

Our road, post storm

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  1. Oh that shoveling looks arduous!!

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  2. Oh man did you guys get snow. It makes for fabulous photos though.

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    • Yes, it sure does make great photos. And there’s more on the way, or so they are saying. But they could be wrong. This particular storm could shift in a couple of directions and if we are lucky, it will shift out to sea and miss us entirely.

      I don’t hate winter. I love the look of snow and when i was a little less shaky on my legs, I liked going out in it. I love sledding, too and spending a snowy afternoon and evening in my teepee, watching the snow fall while a fire crackled inside. That was heavenly.

      It’s difficult these days. We have that godawful driveway that is hard to clear, uphill from the house. It gets icy and 4-wheel-drive isn’t especially good on ice. Snow, yes but ice? Only chains work on ice and these day, most places outlaw them because of the damage they do to the roads.

      But beautiful too. Especially here in the woods. It was easier to manage when we were younger, but as time goes on, I begin to wonder how in the world we are going to manage in ANOTHER ten years!

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  3. One good thing about this nasty winter is it probably killed all the caterpillars, so when the weather does warm up you’ll be able to enjoy it.

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  4. The red dots of the traffic lights are a good contrast to the snow in the first photo

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