No two things are identical, though many things seem to be on the surface.

Even identical twins are not precisely identical. There’s always some small difference. Every snowflake is unique. Each part of history is slightly different from any other.

But if things aren’t identical, they can be remarkably similar. “Rhyming” as Samuel Clemens artfully phrased it.

Our world today rhymes well with the rise of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. Every single day that passes make this more obvious. The U.S. is not 1930s Germany, yet we resemble it sufficiently to make some of us — me for example — very worried.

Many people describe the German government at the time as weak — or mostly too weak to fight back. There was a time — quite a long time — when they could have fought back. When Hitler could have been forced down and out, but it didn’t happen.

Will we do a better job? Are we trying? What more can we do?

My friend, Martha Kennedy pointed out to me that Trump is not a Republican.

Trump is a fascist.

It caught me off-guard for a second. My breath went in and stopped there … and then I knew she was right. He isn’t a Republican. He isn’t even an American. There isn’t a patriotic, nation-loving bone in his bloated body. He is a greedy, bigoted, narcissist who cares about no one but himself. He is loyal to nothing.

In my heart, I would like to see him in handcuffs off to a long-term in Federal prison, but I would settle for him and all those wretched people he has sucked into our government removed and banned from government. If you can ban Pete Rose from baseball, how much more so should we be banning that thing from any kind of government — or even the possibility of getting any sort of government assistance for any project. Ever.

But don’t worry. I’m sure someone will hire him to do play by-play on a TV news show somewhere. Let’s take a wild guess here. You think possibly Fox?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. Yesterday I wrote my “Senator” who is stumping for Trump. I wrote that there are many right-leaning voters in this man’s (my) state who don’t like Trump, don’t respect him, consider him a threat to national security. I reminded him that is NOT a “left conspiracy” but a common feeling in the United States. I asked him to rethinking stumping for the Trump. Of course, I’m disgusted by this senator. I’m disgusted by the determination to hold onto power when power properly belongs in the hands of the people. I’m disgusted and frightened by Trump’s appealing constantly to his “base” — a bunch of people I cannot understand to save my soul, people who believe his lies — about the corruptness of the Mueller investigation. I’m scared and angry and try to forget about it.

    As for Germany pre-Hitler? The most beautiful constitution I’ve ever read belonged to the Weimar Republic. 😦 ❤

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  2. Today I had a discussion with Mr. Swiss, who thinks I like Putin. I do not like Putin, he is a dangerous man, but a clever one. Then we drew some comparisons like Kim in Korea and Erdogan in Turkey. Of course Trump was mentioned, but we don’t usually toss our Western leaders into this pot. Trump is dangerous, very dangerous, because he is an idiot. The last idiot we had started a world war didn’t he.

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    1. I don’t know if Trump is an idiot or some kind of cunningly crazy, but he is — whatever you call him — dangerous. As I was writing this morning, I realized that NEVER have I worried about what I write getting me locked up. But around here, these days … it could happen. These are dreadful times as in “full of dread.”

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      1. Mr. Swiss is very interested in politics and political discussions on the TV are his favourites. Now and again we have discussions, but we come from two different sides. When my youngest son is on a visit it can get quite hectic. He works for the Swiss Government and is a media lawyer. The main emphasis is on Swiss politics, but often mixed with international events. I usually just listen, now and again contribute but leave it to them.


        1. I had a marginal interest in politics over the past few decades … until Trump got elected. That was like getting whacked on the head. Talk about getting woken up. I’m not happy about it. All this political ugliness has ruined the rest and relaxation I think retirement ought to be. I didn’t want to spend these years horrified at my own government.


  3. Back in the dark pre-election days I would occasionally watch one of Trump’s rallies just to see how awful he was, and one of the things he did once or twice, was to raise his hand in a very good imitation of a Nazi salute. Someone may have warned him about that, because he backed away from it. But the memory lingers. That and that numbingly loud music, eerily reminsicent of martial music that Hitler played during his own rallies.

    And you’re absolutely right. He is a skinhead sympathizer, he thinks there’s ‘no harm’ in the Klan, and the most he can do for those kids in Florida is pray for them. A lot of good that will do them now. He is also attempting some kind of cockamamie racial purity thing by trying to deny immigrants, and by walling out the Mexicans. Canada next?

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    1. I don’t know if he really believes in anything. He shows no love of country, no significant fondness for America or Americans. He’s not a patriot in any way I understand the term.

      As far as I can tell, he loves power and powerful people. He wants to be one of them — as long as they are white, of course. Price no object. Regardless of law. He if a very bad guy in every way I can think of. I just want to survive his presidency and see someone in office who at least cares about the country — and its people. ALL of its people. We’ve had a lot of imperfect presidents including some real loses, but I don’t think we’ve ever had one who was so blatantly disloyal the the country he supposedly serves.


  4. I watched two different films last night, both newish (within 2016-17) and both featured an ugly view of America or Americans. The first of them, a British espionage thriller – found the British characters saying “Americans” in such tones of derision and almost hatred that it was chilling. And blaming “Americans” for the problem that was caused by some nameless bureaucrat – theirs or ours I never found out. I had to turn it off because the tone reminded me of some old WWII era films I’ve watched and how the characters in those films said “Germans”. As if generalization didn’t get us all in the trouble we’re in anyway. I think America is going down in flames and that fool ‘in charge’ is pouring gasoline on the situation, just because maybe he likes watching fires in some creepy sort of way…


    1. Our so-called “president” does not care about America, Americans, or the presidency. Nor does he care about the rule of law or any of the things that have been important to any other president. He got in by accident, never expected to actually win and as far as I can tell, has nothing but loathing for what concerns the rest of us. I just hope we knock him out of office soon because I cannot bear the idea of this being the last president I see in this lifetime. That would be too, too cruel.


    1. He’s almost out Nazi-ing Hitler … which is REALLY saying something. Martha was right. He really IS a fascist … but in some weird way, worse because there’s no “love of country” in the mix. I don’t think he even cares about this country or its people. I don’t know what he DOES care about … other than money, of course.

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  5. I think he has got us beat in the “appalling national leader” stakes but possibly only because the Westminster system dilutes the personality cult a bit. Our last PM would certainly have been a contender if we had the same system as you. Two recent state elections in Australia have elected right wing parties. Well, I’ll be kind and call them conservative. Here in Tasmania it is more of the same while South Australia chose to change after sixteen years of Labor. I think some of them were perhaps just tired of the same faces and thought new would be better but both campaigns played on people’s fears warning of the evils of minority government and both were successful. I have been an optimist my whole life but now I fear that people are growing more stupid and/or lazy and just vote for whoever comes across better on television and don’t stop to think about the issues. So many people don’t care about voting, they go because they have to but they will deliberately muck up their voting paper or just vote mindlessly which to me is as bad as not voting at all. it’s hard to be an optimist now.


    1. I don’t know when we all got so stupid. It’s as if everyone believes anything that’s easy to believe, without bothering to find out facts or form an opinion. It used to make me angry. now, it just makes me terribly sad.

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