I don’t do awards, not because I think there’s anything wrong with them, but simply because I’ve been blogging a long time. I’ve done a lot of awards.

When we first start blogging, awards are a pat on the back that someone “out there” has noticed us. In those early months when a hot post got five or six views, we needed all the pats we could get. It kept us going, kept us thinking, writing, and believing. If we just hung on, our blog was going to “be something.”

MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD: What is it? “Its an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.” Created by Okoto Enigma.

Most of us had no idea what that something might be. I’m still working on it and whenever I think I’ve “got it,” I realize within the following 24 hours, no — I really don’t.

This award was given to me by:


I will never “get it” because I think it isn’t “gettable.” We blog for whatever drives us and that changes with the times, our age, the seasons of our soul. Art or photography, music, writing — or everything. What we blog about changes as we change. And I am always changing. I don’t even agree with me, much less the rest of the world.

This month, the weather seems to be my hot (read very cold) topic. When winter finally blows itself out, I’ll probably be back to deploring the fascist government we’ve (hopefully accidentally) deployed.

Nominations for this award — which I’m sort of doing because I really like the lady who bestowed it — is supposed to go to ten or twenty other bloggers. This is not going to happen because all of the people with whom I am in contact are really busy, so I will offer this to anyone I follow. You can rightfully assume — without any fear of correction — that if I follow you, I really like your blog.

Probably,I also really like you! Even if I don’t comment all the time, that is simply because I sometimes feel silly trying to create a comment when I don’t really have anything to say except “Nice!” or “Lovely” and so I click “like”letting the blogger know I was there. “Like” is my calling card.

Any of you are welcome to join in if you like. Or not. Feel free to plunge or pass. I’m good either way.

These are the questions I’ve been asked:


1.   Your favorite Season of the whole year and why.

Autumn. Absolutely. The best weather, the most wonderful colors. I could live in a 12 month autumn — if it were offered and it hasn’t been.

On the street where we live.

October canal and river

2.   What’s the most mystical or magical thing you ever experienced?

Doing a Tarot card reading and seeing my subject’s death. It was not a happy experience.

3.   Do you enjoy a lot of company or are you happiest when in solitude?

These days, solitude. Funny how solitude creeps up on you. Time is a strange and wondrous thing. The funniest part of it is that we find we are happy in places and times we never imagined we could be happy. Go figure.

4.   Would you do something dishonest if there were no witnesses?

Define dishonest. If I were starving, I’d steal food. If we were freezing, I’d grab some wood. Would I take that pretty thing because I happen to like pretty things? Probably not. I have enough pretty things. When I was a kid, we used to steal small things that had no real value to prove we could, but we were children. We learned better with time.

5.   What is one destination you’d like to visit before you die?

New Zealand. Or Paris. Maybe Greece or Rome. Or maybe, we’ll just stay home. Home is fine.

Is there anything about me you don’t already know? That I can’t sew, but I can cook. That I have a really severe case of spinal arthritis and a few years ago, my heart got repaired — and surprisingly, it works quite well. I also lost both breasts to two different kinds of cancer. We call that a two-for-one-sale around here.

I don’t know if I have a favorite blog. I might, but I can’t necessarily remember what it is. There are more than 7,200 blogs on this site and I’m pretty sure I wrote at least half of them. My definition of “favorite” shifts too.

What was my favorite five years ago probably wouldn’t be now. Feel free to cruise. Maybe you’ll find something you like and it’s entirely possible it won’t be one of mine. Other people also write and some of what they write is better than mine.

I have a few posts that have received a lot of views. They aren’t my favorites but for reasons I do not understand, they remains extremely popular. If you’ve been blogging awhile, you understand what I mean. If not, you will. A post that wasn’t a big deal gets a ton of exposure and the things you think are really great … not so much.

Finally, here are a few questions I’d like to ask you:

1. Why did you begin blogging? What got you started? What keeps you doing it?

2.  What — if anything — do you hope to gain from blogging? If you think you are going to get rich, I might not stop laughing until sometime next week.

3. What do you do in the blog world that makes you feel the most proud?

4. What makes you follow a blog?

5. Do you regard the people you meet online as real (not-virtual) friends?


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  2. Thank you for doing this, even though it’s not your thing. I changed the wording in the original post in which you were ‘nominated’ to read “Blogs Worth Following” or words to that effect. Because “Serendipity” is worth following. Always a new perspective, some stunning photography or a laugh. It’s serendipitous… 😉 Thanks again! 😀


    • I think I named it that because I hadn’t a clue what I would use it for. I wasn’t even sure exactly what blogging was supposed to be. I figured I might as well try it and since I enjoy writing and picture taking, it worked out to be something to do besides read books and watch old movies 😀 Thanks for thinking of me. It did give me something interesting to write about after all 😀

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      • I know your feelings about awards. But you DESERVE one for SERENDIPITY. You’ve poured hours into your blogs, 24-7. You’ve touched so many lives around the world and inspired many to write, to find their own creativity. THAT has opened windows on the world for countless pewople who’ve been emotional shut-in’s.

        You deserve special recognition and an AWARD.


  3. Absolutely delighted you did this, Marilyn. I know it’s not your thing. I would have nominated you the last 3 times I was nominated. It is touching when someone nominates you as you mentioned, it’s a boon that encourages and lets you know someone appreciates what you write and let’s face it, most of our writing is heartfelt. I enjoy you, your blog, your thoughts, and this lovely incite through pictures of your world that leaves me breathless on occasion. Your inner beauty shines brightly. Now that’s a compliment! Since I rarely give them, and only when heartfelt on my side. I never compliment so someone can preen. It always has value. xoxo


    • My issue is that this gets a bit silly after blogging for six years. In the early stages of blogging when I was lucky to get any views for anything, it was a nice little push to keep plugging away at it. Nowadays, unless the award comes with, as Garry puts it, “hardware”… He got a lot of hardware. It still hangs on the walls and stands on the furniture. So even though his best work isn’t remembered because no matter what anyone says, your best work rarely gets the recognition you think it deserves, he has hardware to remind him that someone cared … and he likes that (my beloved big ham).

      No one ever gives you hardware on the Internet. Pity. If you would send me something with cheesy gold electroplate and my name engraved somewhere, I’d definitely spring for that 😀


    • Thanks. That’s kind of how I felt about it … and I like her. She’s smart, sensitive, politically intelligent and has worked her way through a lot of shit and come out a real person. I didn’t do it for the award, but I wanted her to know — I really LIKE her. But I couldn’t bring myself to push it on anyone else, so thank you for picking up the baton.

      It’s true, by the way. If I follow you, I really LIKE you. There are a lot of others blogs I like enough to follow, but I am so out of time that on a day like yesterday when most of it was spent at the cardiologist and in transit to and from said cardiologist, I gave up and just deleted almost everything. I don’t have enough time in a day to read what I’ve already got on the plate. If I put any more on there, I’ll give up.

      I know people who never read any other blogs at all. Eventually, I stop following them. I don’t think anyone is obliged to read every word I write, but I like to know they are at least “out there.” An occasional “like” generally makes me feel that tingle of love 😀

      Alternatively, send cash.

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  4. When Autumn looks like that it’s no wonder it’s your favourite season – it would be mine too! However, down where i live Autumn looks remarkably like Summer, just slightly less like Spring and only a little bit different to Winter (just warmer and with less rain) 🙂 My Favourite season is the one from August to May without the stinking hot bits! 😉

    Really love your flower photos. ❤

    As for your q's:
    1. Can't honestly remember – was 11 years ago. Probably my life-long desire to share things i found to be quite interesting but not largely appreciated or perspectives i had on things that did not seem to be fitting with the 'mainstream'. I've since learned that only a very small percentage of people think the things i find fascinating actually are to them – so now i mostly post pretty pictures and sneak the occasional personal perspective in while they're not looking! 😉 Why? To fill a social 'gap' in my life. Sad, i know.

    2. What do i hope to gain? Improved social life? Maybe some friends? Some Like Minds? Some Intelligent Life that will communicate with me? Become more Intelligent myself through viewing alternative perspectives to my own?

    I live in Hope (and Love). Faith should be up there somewhere… Oh Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad 😉

    3. I have no reason to be Proud. I think my photos are getting better and like to think others like some of them as much as i do.

    4. The possibility of meeting a like minded individual with whom I might engage in decent conversations/share a laugh.

    5. I try to only follow 'real' people on-line, but unless you can spend some face-to-face time with someone you are unlikely to ever know if they are 'real' or not… and even then they can still fool you sometimes. 😉 Circumstances and my location make that somewhat impractical in my case.


    • I think ALL of us do this to fill a space in our lives. The older we get, the more spaces we have to fill, too.

      I write probably because I can’t help it. I have always been a writer. It’s not something I decided to do, but more something I am. All the people I have come to know and consider friends is a HUGE bonus I never anticipated! I read the stuff you write, by the way. i don’t always comment, but I almost always read, unless it’s a day like yesterday when I just don’t have the time to do it.

      And your pictures have gotten MUCH MUCH better VERY quickly.

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      • Thanks for that! 🙂

        And i appreciate both your writing and the likes and comments – especially since i know how many people share their time with you here and how much you manage to fit in, beside all your writing.

        I’m nowhere near as good a time manager as you are! 😉

        Once again, thanks for all you do. ( and not just for li’l ol’ me) 🙂


        • You are one of the handful of people I try to get to at least once in a day. I don’t always manage it but I try. I also know how hard it is to get a blog up and going, so I try to help if I can 🙂 Besides, I love your Aussie birds.

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  5. I have mixed emotions about awards. It started after about 2 years of paying them forward and discovering that only about 3 percent of those nominated even responded to the nomination. With one, I experimented and held off going to the nominated blogs with their nomination announcement. If I remember correctly, the instructions were to nominate at least 15 bloggers. And, if I remember correctly, only 3 bloggers actually read the post and responded. Some others made their visits known by clicking “like” but they left no comment accepting their nomination.

    The real satisfaction in receiving awards is passing it on. When that becomes time consuming, it loses the glee.


    • I discovered that I occasionally enjoy responding — it’s something different to talk about — but most of the people I follow (about 30 more people than I have time to read) have enough on their plates already. So I offer the award to anyone who might want to grab it and play along, but I try not to push anyone. It’s always an offer, never a demand.

      I’ve had some people get downright nasty about being simply asked. THOSE people I stop following. If you can’t at least be polite, who needs you. I can cope with being ignored, but you don’t have to be mean. There’s already too much meanness in this world.


    • That’s why I offer, but don’t ask. MOST of the bloggers I know don’t answer awards — except sometimes if it is particularly interesting or it’s someone you really like. Or occasionally, when I don’t have much to say and it gives me something new to write about.

      Yesterday, I was at the cardiologist most of the day and on the road to and from the rest of it, so I didn’t get to reading much of anything. Yours, maybe a few others … and I have a lot of medical stuff coming up. It gets difficult to fit all this stuff into a month like this.

      And another foot of snow is in the clouds as I write!

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  7. . Why did you begin blogging? What got you started? What keeps you doing it? To promote a book. I keep doing it because I’m addicted and enjoy all the people I’ve met here.

    2. What — if anything — do you hope to gain from blogging? If you think you are going to get rich, I might not stop laughing until sometime next week. To have readers.. perhaps to inform people about upcoming books.

    3. What do you do in the blog world that makes you feel the most proud? I feel best when someone tells me a blog of mine has been the high point of their day or that it made their morning.

    4. What makes you follow a blog? Originality of writing.

    5. Do you regard the people you meet online as real (not-virtual) friends? Real.


    • Good. Because I REALLY like you. I forgot to mention I wrote a book until I’d been doing this for a couple of years. Then it finally crossed my mind that I probably should say something, but since I don’t really love my book the way I think I should, I have trouble promoting it. It isn’t nearly as good as it should be and could be, but I also can’t bring myself to rewrite it.

      I also find I am happiest when someone feels I made their day better or made them rethink something. As the years amble on, it gets harder to find original material, though, doesn’t it?

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      • Every once in a while I write a poem and find later I’ve written about the same subject earlier, but they are enough different that I don’t worry about it. You’ve probably also noticed I now look to see if I have something in the past worth reblogging. I try to make sure it is at least 3 years old but I also look at the number of views. The poems are always new to me. Sometimes I don’t even remember writing them, so I figure in addition to new readers who have never read them before, perhaps even people as forgetful as I am who have read them before will enjoy reading them again. And, I almost always find typos or word repetitions to edit. Sometimes I do a major rewrite. Lets me deal with them. I’d love to get a collection together but the mind boggles. I just want someone to go through my blog, snatching at poems, and to say, “Here, make a book of these!”


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