• Hiya it’s a quarterly square photo challenge. So the photos always have to be a square shape. Then each quarter there is a new theme.

      This quarter is squares and circles, so we have multiple squares. Do visit my blog to discover more 😀

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    • I think, if I got it right, that the picture itself needs to be square and something in that square needs to be square (ish) or round (ish). Or both. So it’s a square surrounding square or circles. I have let it slip into some things that are more oblong and sort of round. Because it’s a whole month and there are lots of rounds and squares, but i get tired of entirely round or square and yearn for other shapes 😀 It’s a BeckyB prompt. I should mention it, but I keep copying from one post to the next, so if I forget in one post, it gets forgotten in the next one too. I’m getting lazy, I think.


  1. Interesting effects on the keyboard keys. Either it’s a close-up of a well-worn keyboard or you creatively superimposed winter’s bare tree branches onto the keys. Or maybe something entirely different.


    • I think I was trying to show the usage patterns in the keyboard. I use my keyboard SO much, they wear out. In less than a year, I usually have a couple of keys that have NO paint left on them! All of these are going to go in the near future and the keyboard is only a year and a half old.

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