It is still snowing.

We had crocuses. I saw them between snows. But it’s cold and snowing again, so I’m not optimistic about their survival. And anyway, their time is just about over. Thus, I am happy to have a bouquet. At least there are colors in it.


Flowers from my birthday bouquet. Or, more to the point … the end of my flowers. The golden-yellow flowers are astroemeria (Thank you Judy!)

Blue (almost turquoise) daisy (hint of chrysanthemum below)

And of course the blue ones are daisies. The green is eucalyptus and if you take it out of the water, it dries out and you can store it more or less forever.



  1. I hope your crocuses surprise and delight you.. they have a degree of adaptability in their timing according to local conditions. 🙂 Unless they already developed too much during a warm spell?

    Weird weather will stuff anything up if it lasts long enough. 😦

    Those blue daisies are awesome. Are they dyed do you know?


    • I think they lived and died under the snow, but I was encouraged that they were still alive, snow and all. The next thing we see should be the daffodils. Got my fingers crossed.

      The do dye the daisies, but indirectly. They put blue vegetable dye in the water and the flowers absorb it and turn whatever the color is. Blue is very popular and so is magenta.

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      • That’s really interesting about the daisies – i always wondered when i saw them in the florist.

        I’ve sent off for some Blue Coleus seeds that might take a month to arrive. The leaves are genuinely blue!

        How they live without green chlorophyll i’m not exactly sure?? 🙂


    • I’m afraid their season will be over by the time tonight’s snow melts, though it doesn’t look as if it will be as heavy as they predicted. It’s just a few inches so far, so maybe it will vanish quickly. I’m tired of the cold and the mud and the slippery sidewalks!

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