1. I’m not sure why – but i really love the images of your snowy table setting? Maybe it’s because i have never had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing that much snow – or living with it for over 50 years now. it takes me back to childhood days and walking to and from school in it.


  2. I may be the only person who looks at a picture like that and gets hungry. Scooping up a bowl of freshly fallen snow (Before it could get soiled, of course) was always a treat as a kid. Given the massive amount of air pollutants in my city, I should be legally dead by now due to snow poisoning…


  3. We had a lot of snow some weeks ago. So much that our trees and hedges looked the same like the table for example in your picture. It’s funny to see a hedge with a 50cm snow topping 😀 I like snow, but now I had a bit enough of it and can’t await spring 🙂


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