How To Debunk And Deconstruct Every Argument From Anti-Vaxxers?

I have a particular loathing for those who are so locked into a belief system that they would put the rest of us and our children in danger.


Vaccines work by introducing a weakened form of the germ to your body, so that the immune system can learn to recognize it. Your body then builds its defenses so it’s prepared to fight off a real attack later in life. And no, vaccines do not cause autism. They neither give you peanut allergy.


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Further Readings and References @ Vaccine Information, History of Vaccines, Scientific American, Sparkonit

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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10 thoughts on “How To Debunk And Deconstruct Every Argument From Anti-Vaxxers?”

  1. I am acquainted with a young mother (she’s in her 20s). She has two children, one infant and one toddler. I asked her if she had her toddler vaccinated and she got this horrified look on her face. “Oh I’d NEVER do that!!” she said. “Why not?” I asked. “Those vaccines can kill people. You don’t know what they’re putting into them. No. It’s safer if the kids don’t get vaccinated. Besides, nobody ever dies from measles.” I asked her “Well what about the more dangerous stuff like whooping cough? (blank look) Polio? (uncomfortable look) Tuberculosis? (decidedly uncomfortable)…I went on “Do you think those diseases are GONE? No. They’re merely dormant because people have been vaccinated!” She and I haven’t talked too much since that conversation. And the woman is married to a rocket scientist (really) too. I weep for our future.

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    1. Nobody ever died from measles. That’s hilarious. I almost did in 1958. I think it’s fine as long as smart parents vaccinate their kids. Then the dumb ones die out. It’s natural selection. Seriously.


    2. When were we overcome in this nation by a waves of massive stupidity? Someone on the news today pointed out that a lot of people don’t even remember how dangerous those diseases were. They’ve never seen anyone with polio and barely heard of small pox.

      And mostly, THEY ARE STUPID.


  2. That is a hot button issue right now in Oklahoma. Bills were passed just this month leaving the decision up to the parent. I have one grandchild who has been and one who has not. Curiously the one who has not is never sick. The other one catches anything the other kids have. All of mine were vaccinated and they are still alive and functioning properly so my job is done. Good sources!

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    1. I wouldn’t have considered not vaccinating my kid — or for that matter, my dogs! Once, we were late getting our cats vaccinated. One got his shot on time, the others, we just forgot. Of our five cats, four died in less than a week of a raging case of distemper. They’ve improved the vaccinations so that they last longer than they did back in the 1970s, but that was a horrible experience.

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  3. I do not get flu shots on principal. First off, the viruses are plenty varied and mutate so often that medicine can’t keep up with them. The shot you take this year may not be the one to help with the latest strain, and may just weaken your immune system just enough to allow the new one to enter. I’ve avoided flu shots for years and I don’t get influenza. Call me Anti-Vax if you want to, but I’m mostly healthy and “flu-free”


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