From Paula:

In all the years of challenges I have never given you the theme WAY, so I thought it was about time I included it in Thursday’s Special photo challenge. No other special reason than that. I will check the entries next Wednesday so take your time posting and let’s hope you will find the right way 😉

If you are talking to Garry and I, it’s not a random question. We are permanently lost. Whether we are on the way to Boston, or on the way to another town in the valley … we are lost, oh lost.

On the Mass Pike …

While we were getting lost, I took pictures. We can get almost anywhere. The problem isn’t getting almost there. It’s getting exactly there, to the specific building and department.

jupiter najnajnoviji


    • Sometimes, it’s impossible. Friday evenings the city tends to be gridlocked and near Christmas, nothing moves at all. At the best of times, it’s bad. That was LIGHT traffic. We were still moving.

      You really can’t get around Boston. You can get around parts of it, but unless you are going pretty far north or south, you can’t miss it entirely. You can avoid it by driving a considerable distance north … but if you need to be anywhere near the city, all you are doing is driving miles out of your way and you’ll have to come back anyhow. And Boston, like most American cities, sprawls.

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      • Toronto is much the same for traffic and getting around, Marilyn. We are in a perpetual gridlock. It would be so nice if we could “teleport” and who knows, maybe someday we will be able to do that.


    • Is Waze one of the road finders? A GPS or a map-and-print thing? I yearn for the excellent maps we used to have. I can follow a map, but street maps for cities are really hard to find. I have yet to find an accurate one of Boston. Of course, they keep changing the city, so whatever they do, it would probably be inaccurate anyway.


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