EDITORIAL NOTE: Mice to me means multiple tiny furry creatures who slip into my house and eat anything they can find. Mouses, on the other hand, are computer accessories. I call them mouses in the plural. Please try and cope with it, even if it sounds odd to you.

My mouse stopped working. It was fine, then suddenly, it wasn’t fine. It seemed to be multi-clicking everything. It seemed to hang the computer on most menus and was particularly persnickety working on graphics.

Logitech Mouse

I figured it must have been the last Windows “upgrade.” I probably attribute everything to one or another Windows upgrades. Why didn’t it occur to me that the mouse wasn’t working properly? Because I’ve been using some version of this same Logitech mouse forever. More than 20 years at least and I have never had one stop working.

I’ve had Microsoft mouses go bad and a couple of Dell’s too. Some of them never worked properly in the first place, but the Logitech mouses have proved as close to indestructible as anything in my electronic world. I have replaced them when they wore out. Sometimes the feet wear out and occasionally I eat one too many pieces of toast and jelly and wind up with a sticky wheel. I’m pretty sure jam is not good for mouses.

The feet can come unglued or the buttons stops spinning properly. Fair is fair. I work my mouses hard and everything will wear out.

But. None of them ever stopped working.

I had finally concluded that there was something wrong with the mouse having tried every other thing that ought to have fixed it. That’s when I read that there was a thing called the “dreaded double-click effect” that apparently has been known to occur in Logitech mouses. Never to one of mine, but apparently well enough known as a glitch that it was worth mentioning.

I ordered two more mouses — one exactly like this one (which is from the other computer that I use only occasionally). It is smaller, almost a “travel-size” mouse … and a bigger one. I will let my hand decide which one it likes better.

But the thing that’s funny is that it took me almost a full week to dope out the mouse was broken. I am so used to these mouses always being just fine, it never crossed my mind that something — other than a dead battery — could go wrong.

I think you could call that a strong recommendation for the product. Even though this particular mouse up and died.

14 thoughts on “A BROKEN MOUSE

  1. I just spent two months furtively trying to fix my audio problem which I figured was a Win 10 glitch.
    Turns out my speakers are finished.
    I’ve new ones … and I can once again blow people out of the room !!!


  2. I’m a “trackball” guy, especially the Kensington products. The one thing that seems to go wrong with these devices is dust and crud from your fingers gets under the ball. It takes a long time unless your fingers are especially crudsy, but the solution is easy.., drop out the ball and blow, or wipe, out the dust. Sometimes a switch will go bad, but in the 25+ years, I’ve been using trackballs, I’ve only had to replace one switch. The Kensington units are, usually, big enough to take apart. Regular “mice” have switches only and I’ve never repaired one, but like you, I’ve not experienced one going south on me. That might be because I don’t use them that much, or dust and crud can’t easily get into them? Here’s some weird trivia; I began using my trackballs, initially, on the left side and, now, can’t do it on the right. Mices, I uses on the right and can’t do it on the left.., go figure?


  3. I am also satisfied with my Logitech mice and the only problem I have is a dead battery. I lose my mouse now and again if it falls behind the shelf but it survives. I am also quite happy with my Bluetooth mouse that I have for my Mac.


    • In all these years, this is the ONLY time one of these mice has failed me. They do wear out sometimes — usually the feet wear out and I replace the batteries periodically, but these mouses are really sturdy and dependable. And they survive getting dropped, carried off by dogs, winding up in the dust under the sofa … no problem. They keep going.

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