Cochlear Implant Update – By Jan Wilberg

One of the most thoughtful pieces of writing on this subject and particularly relevant in this household. Few people really understand how much lack of hearing removes you from “real life.” Garry once commented that even if you are blind, you can still communicate, but when you are deaf — you lose the ability to communicate and that’s a massive personal loss.

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I wear this thing on my head. Looking at it now in the photo, it strikes me as enormous, a contraption. I wonder why people don’t just stop in their tracks and ask me what it is. But they never do. It’s like seeing someone with an artificial leg and wanting to inquire about how it works but being compelled to ignore it. What artificial leg? I didn’t see an artificial leg, did you?

This is the receiver (behind my ear) that captures sound that travels through the wire to the round thing (which is actually a magnet) and transmits the signals through my skull to a twin round thing inside my head which then sends the signals along several wires to 22 electrodes hanging out in my cochlea. The electrodes recreate the function of the nerves in my cochlea, sending the sound signals to my brain to be made…

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  1. My last office mate was losing his hearing fast. He pretended he wasn’t for a very long time. I’d watch him talk to students and he clearly had NO IDEA what was going on. I was embarrassed for him. He refused to deal with it. As time passed, he becamse more and more irascible and alienated. I don’t know what he did ultimately because I moved away and he’d pretty much alienated me. His frustration and loneliness were clear. This implant seems to be a miracle — but a monumental decision.


  2. I was surprise at how large the speaker was on the side of her head. If the sound is very much improved then it might be worth while but she does say she still doesn’t hear everything.


  3. Marilyn, the rest of Red’s blog is as interesting as these posts that take a central place in your attention right now.


  4. I’m so glad you posted this. I want sure if I was thinking what you were talking about. My brother sent me a surprising video or of the blue. It wad a cochlear implant. A baby was over joyed at hearing his mother’s voice for the first time. So it’s a major sort of opp garrys having. I sincerely hope it is a massive upgrade from what he currently heard. I imagine there might be a few headaches, as sound will seem like noise at first. Tyvm 4 sharing this.


    • He hasn’t decided to do it yet. I’m not sure he wants that much noise back in his world. Other than socializing, he has little interest in sound and doesn’t like noise. There’s a long way to go with this.


      • I understand that. Oh were you still interested in editing Blindsided? I know you r tired. Thought I’d mention it in passing. If your not up to it, no worries. What format, if your interested should I send it in? I’ll tell my son so he can prepare it. It’s beyond me these days. Zipping and unzipping etc. Please don’t feel obligated either.


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