I’m not sure that “alone” and solitude mean the same thing. Technically, they are synonyms but the concept of “alone” implies loneliness while solitude implies a choice to remain without company. Solitude speaks of private time while alone implies the absence of people.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Maybe it’s the choice that makes the difference?

ALONE – adjective & adverb

1. Having no one else present; on one’s own.
“she was alone that evening”
Synonyms: by oneself, on one’s own, all alone, solitary, single, singly, solo, solus.

2. Indicating that something is confined to the specified subject or recipient.
“we agreed to set up such a test for him alone”
Synonyms: only, solely, just.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

One dog alone, guarding us all!

1. The state or situation of being alone. “She savored her few hours of freedom and solitude.”
Synonyms: loneliness, solitariness, isolation, seclusion, sequestration, withdrawal, privacy, peace. “She savored her solitude.”

A lonely or uninhabited place.
Plural noun: solitudes
Synonyms: wilderness, rural area, wilds, backwoods.

Garry shooting

Photo: Garry Armstrong –

One blossom

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8 replies

  1. Love your photos this week 😀


  2. The Duke looks very noble there alone.


  3. Particularly love the photo of you on the bench and the translucent flower!


  4. solitude is chosen. Alone is when you have to call the rescue service because you have fallen, you are sitting comfortably on the floor, but cannot stand up under your own power. 🙂

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  5. I have often said that there’s a vast difference between being alone and being lonely. Loneliness, to me, implies an emotional component, while alone does not. Solitude, then, is more synonymous with alone.

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    • I agree. I often prefer being alone because at least I understand what I mean when I talk to myself! I used to travel alone, too. People thought that was weird, but I liked it. I could do what I wanted and didn’t have to worry about someone else’s eating habits or whether or not he or she liked museums 🙂

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      • I, too, prefer to travel alone. It can be expensive that way, but the whole experience is much more satisfying for being able to wander off in one’s own direction and not have to worry about the preferences of others.


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