A Photo a Week Challenge: Tilted

Sometimes, the way things line up is funny. Yesterday I was at the Dana-Farber. They have a long air shaft which makes great geometric pictures, so I took a bunch. All of them are tilted.

I’m usually a very straight shooter, but in this case, the tilt is quite the thing.

Tilted air shaft 1
Tilted air shaft 2
Tilted and mirrored

To be fair, it’s impossible to create a straight shot down the air shaft. To do that, you’d have to be suspended in the middle of the shaft at the top.


                1. It comes with the disease. But at least it’s just once a year, now. It has been 8 years since the surgery and I’m so far in fine shape. Every checkup is an emotional thing, but so far, I’m fine. And there’s the air shaft.

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                    1. I love that kind of photography. I have a bunch in slides. Maybe I can talk my son into going down into the “hole” to drag them up. Then I can get a program to change from slides to photos. I’m so eager to do this! He has 3 days off so hopefully! I have to try to get to an eye doc and get new glasses. That takes hours in and of itself. lol

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