Ten is hard enough. Another five? Oy.

Today was the day. Our annual, ritual watching of “The Ten Commandments.” It’s not that we love the movie. More like it has become a bit of a joke, but also a ritual. Listening and smiling at the narration of Cecile B. DeMille. The incredibly stilted dialogue … ah, Moses, Moses …

Evening … time for the show to begin …

We readied ourselves for The Experience. Evening had arrived. The light outside was fading. Garry popped in the DVD and it said “Overture.” But when Cecile B. DeMille showed up on-screen, we didn’t see any captions. Uh oh. Can’t watch without captions!

Overture … but no captions!

Garry thought he had set the captions, but now Cecile was telling us about the movie and he wasn’t captioned. I turned the movie off and tried to restart it. It wouldn’t restart. We finally rebooted the machine and … it started. I set the captions.

Duke’s ready too!

Every movie that includes captions (some still don’t) does it a different way. You may find captions under “Languages,” “Settings,” “Subtitles,” or something else. Exactly how you set them is also entirely whimsical.

Garry checks to make sure he’s got the right disc.

A critical moment as (unbeknownst to Moses) his mother is about to become grease to Ramses stones.

We had trouble getting the second disc in, too. We’ve been debating whether or not to get a new DVD player. Maybe we need one. This one is getting really touchy. About everything.

Finally, I got up and jiggled the DVD around until it decided it had found its home and the movie … slowly, slowly, slowly … began. Phew.

We’d sure have hated to miss the angel of death and those forty years of walking around the Sinai.

Everything’s in place.

Here is where the really holy part begins.

Note Garry’s feet as he watches God freeing his wife’s people. Woo hoo!

A happy Easter to all who celebrate. Many bright eggs to all who collect … and don’t overdo it on the matzoh!

Or, as Garry put it …

So let it be written. So let it be done!

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33 replies

  1. You have The Ten Commandments, I have Jesus Christ Superstar. “What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a-happening?…” ^_^

    I also like that bit from History of the World by Mel Brooks. History of the World used to be one of my favorite movies.


  2. I wonder what the other five commandments were? I’m having a good laugh over this one Marilyn.


  3. It was on t.v. last night and we knew all the words and I kept thinking, Gee these people are awful clean for being out in the desert so long. And they were awfully pale. We laughed.

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  4. OMG … I used to watch that thing every year. After a while I wanted to throw those tablets down myself.

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    • I know. You can recite every stupid word he said. On the net, you can see a really hilarious take down of this from SNL with Charlton Heston playing Charlton Heston. Pretty funny. I posted it yesterday on my feed. But EVERYONE has done a takedown on this one.

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  5. I skipped the ritual watching of it this year for NCAA basketball (Loyola), dinner and PBS (Father Brown and Death in Paradise). I have seen it more times than I can count anyway, and since it is a DeMille epic, it is LONG. I’ll catch it next year.

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  6. It’s good to see someone keeps their traditions for the Holy Days πŸ™‚

    I’m pretty sure your bear and mine would be BFF’s πŸ˜‰

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  7. All I really remember of the Ten Commandments (film) are Charlton Heston’s beautiful legs, the faky way the waters parted, the lamb’s blood painted on the door ways and the baby in the bullrushes.

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    • I think that’s pretty much the movie. That and the fact that EVERYONE says Moses twice. “Oh, MOSES, MOSES …” It’s a thing. You can’t say Moses once, apparently. Also, Garry is beginning to think those Jews were about as loyal as Red Sox fans. Not.

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  8. Last religious movie I was was when I was about 7, “The Robe” had been produced and every Catholic in the country was exhorted from the pulpit to see it. Not exactly child-friendly, and by the time they got through with the hammers and the nails I was totally traumatized.
    It was my first and last adventure with Hollywood’s idea of religious movies. I’ve seen bits and pieces over time of most of them, all over acted, over dramatized, over hyped.

    I admire your devotion to this one.

    I think if I had a DVD I’d be watching Scrooge…

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    • I draw the line at “The Ten Commandments.” No blood, no gore, no hammer, no nails, no “The Jews killed Jesus” because these ARE the Jews and they aren’t killing anyone but themselves. I totally refuse all the others. But this one is so totally tacky and fake — especially the parting of those waters which is the very first SERIOUS Hollywood special effect — well … And then there’s Lucky Chucky Heston. Actually, I am also a fan of the chariot races on Ben Hur. That was the real deal with real horse and chariots and the stunt guy got killed doing it. You can see him mangled under the chariot.

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  9. Easter seems to be the time to catch up on the old films. Yesterday I saw five minutes of a film where about 100 half naked men were all rowing a boat together. Mr. Swiss switched changed the channel but said it was a sandal film with Charlton Heston, another one I missed. Happy whatever and enjoy the days of nothing and films.

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  10. And meanwhile, I was binge watching “Friends.” To each her own.

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  11. Sorry, but I think I’d rather watch the Mel Brooks πŸ˜‰

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