I was all ready to write about the return of the red finches and the day lilies pushing up their greenery into the warmer — but not yet really warm — spring air.

Good morning little red finch!

So, it snowed. It was supposed to be “a dusting” and I suppose it was, sort of. A very heavy dusting that was prevented from being a lot more than that because the ground was warm and it didn’t stick on the roads and walks.

Still, it was a bit of a shock. None of the meteorologists said anything about snow for this area and what little they said was “No big deal, don’t worry about it folks. Spring is here.”

From the kitchen …

It is  now almost 2 o’clock and the snow stopped. It is already gone from the trees and I’m sure it will be gone tomorrow, unless we get one more little surprise.

Meanwhile, though, the red finches are back and I think they are planning to nest right in front of the window.

From the dining room …

This would make for some really great photography, except that the window isn’t very clean because there’s no way to get to the outside without a two-story ladder — and we don’t have one. Someone stole ours a couple of years ago and it turns out, ladders are expensive.

From the living room …

So. Getting a reasonably sharp shot of the birds is difficult. I got two pretty good ones out of the more than forty I shot. The others were too blurry. Maybe a different lens? When birds show up, I tend to use whatever camera is nearest at hand, but this may call for something a bit more specialized.

In the meantime, please enjoy our entirely unexpected snow and a very pretty red finch!


  1. Our snow is hopefully gone for the year. Now and again we see a nest in one of our trees, but difficult for a photo. I also take many shots, knowing more than half will be just a blur, but sometimes you get the perfect one


    • This was a lot of snow, but it was also gone very quickly. In less than two hours, gone. We may get another dusting, but it won’t be much of anything and it will melt quickly. The flowers are still pushing their way up, so spring is here. You can see the buds on the trees!

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  2. I like the view from the dining room, but I was mesmerized by the carnations that appeared to have widow’s lace etched across them. Or perhaps some focal art effect like the one that made the red bird in tree branches look like stained glass? I don’t know how you made it happen, I’m just glad the photos finally downloaded on my phone to admire!


    • It’s an effect of the graphics processing. They look pretty much like real flowers, though they are made of silk. They are halfway between carnations and chrysanthemums … big for carnations, but kind of small for mums 🙂

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      • Ooh, mutant flowers! On a weirdly appropriate side note, did you ever see Jim Carey in the movie where he takes over as God? He invents a flower that is half tulips half daisies—and calls them Ta-Daisies! Funny movie.

        And, yeah, I’m just waking up, why do you ask?


  3. That’s some ‘dusting’!?

    I love the cute little redhead! We don’t get many ‘red’ birds around here. 😦 Except for the odd little patch of a parrot or cockatoo.


    • It will end. It will. I can see the buds on the trees and the lilies pushing their way up through the dead leaves of last autumn. But that snow was a big disappointment. I thought winter was finished, finally.


    • It may not be the last, but these are what I think of as the vanishing storms. They come, dump a few inches everywhere … and all gone by lunchtime. Spring is working on making itself felt. I can see it on the trees and in the (humorously so-called) garden.

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  4. It’s snowing again. Still. And tomorrow.
    It’s not stopping.
    We’re going to pass Spring and Summer and just continue Winter …
    I’m hunting for that groundhog who predicted early Spring.


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