I discovered today that the reason Garry’s computer won’t work  properly is the battery is dead. It’s an expensive computer and just 4 years old, but batteries apparently have a lifespan — about three to six-years — and this one went rather early.

At home with the computer

The problem is because it’s such a high-end computer, you can only get the battery from Alienware — and the price of the battery is likely to exceed the value of the computer itself. The good news? The computer can work indefinitely as long as it’s plugged in, so I guess it’s going to stay plugged in. Garry likes the computer and he usually plugs it in anyhow. I just hate when things are sort of broken, even if you can make them work, more or less.

This is the one Garry has now

Meanwhile, my backup computer — a little lightweight machine I use for email and fixing typos on my blog — seems to have a dying monitor. Except it worked PERFECTLY for the repair guy. He said: “I see this a lot.”

It really is like going to the dentist and having your toothache vanish.
I can fix that one because it wasn’t expensive and it’s old — despite which, it runs like a perfectly ticking clock. Go figure.

I’m feeling under-computerized. I’ve given away all my spares. Ironically, the ones I gave away are working fine. The one my granddaughter is using has to be at least 10 or 11 years old and it’s fine. The one my son has is maybe 5 or 6 years old — and it is fine too. My newer, expensive computers are the problem.

Kindle and iPad

I thought maybe I’d get an iPad for me except my last two iPad experiences weren’t great. I’m not a lover of the Mac operating system. I like a more structured system and the iPad is very limited, at least for the amount of money it costs.

I’ve found some really good deals on the newest 9.7″ iPad … and I just can’t seem to buy it. Am I being silly?

A newer alien

Maybe I’m not in a buying mood. I did manage to get organized enough to order new dog biscuits because (horrors) … we were due to run out! I know. I get shaky just thinking about how hideous life could become were we to seriously not have dog biscuits available.

Anyone have a spare functional laptop looking for a good home?


  1. We have two Mac Laptops and are grateful for each day they work because they have both outlived their expected lifespan. A small local computer store brought the older one back to life a couple of years back and last year they replaced my battery that wasn’t intended to be replaced. The money is a huge issue but it also the comfort of knowing how it works and not having to get use to a new machine. Hope yours keep functioning for a little while longer. 🙂


    • It will be around awhile, but sooner or later, it will require the new battery — or it will just give up. But I’m not going to worry about it right now. I just can’t. Other things need to be dealt with first.


  2. My Mac is getting pretty old now and have to keep it plugged in or it drains very fast. I hate the thought of getting another computer.


    • We really need to do better with the whole battery thing, too. I’m overwhelmed by batteries for EVERYTHING. Seriously. I must have more than a dozen types of batteries around here between cameras and all the other “stuff.” And each one is different.


  3. That’s strange, you should be able to buy the battery from Amazon… My batteries are slowly draining away. I just use my laptop as a desktop and have it plugged in all of the time. Did you lose the cord? I mean the cord still works, right?


  4. What? Almost out of dog biscuits? You should be flogged!

    My personal computer (basic tower plugged into the wall) is probably about 10 years old and showing signs of slowing down a bit (hmm, sounds a bit familiar), but I’m hesitant to replace it because it IS working and I don’t feel like buying a new one and then having to transfer everything over. Last time it took me two full weeks to move my games from the computer to a separate hard drive (to save storage space on the PC). And of course, there’s the cost. I’d rather just spend some of the money on extra dog biscuits.


    • I hate new computers and moving all “The Stuff” from one to the other. It’s a couple of weeks before you get the whole thing working they way you want it. And I think our computers — especially the expensive ones — should last a LOT longer.

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  5. The iPad iOS is NOT the same as the Mac OS. iOS was developed particularly for iPad and iPhone for the Swipe and Touch those system devices use. All others, Android and Windows 10 Mobile are basically imitations. I have both and there are certain things you cannot do on an iPad. The Mac OS with its very logical system of files and folders, is very structured and easy to use. I use my MacBook Pro (laptop ) for audio recording and editing and it’s very easy to set up a filing system. I say this as I’ve used both Mac and PC, at times, in my business and personal life and I return to Mac every time. My professional colleagues, one a videographer/editor formerly of KAET-TV CH8, and now Arizona Game and Fish continues to prefer Mac, as do most of the recording community and musicians I’m in contact with across the country. Graphics artists seem to swing towards Mac too, although not by as big a margin as it used to be.., still, swing they do. Lithium-ion Batteries (found in most modern Laptops and tablets) need to be run down all the way, occasionally, and then re-charged from scratch to extend their life.


    • It’s a moot point. I can’t afford a new computer, especially not even the least expensive Mac and I’m not good enough at repair to take on a used one. So in the end, unless you move next door and can come over and fix them, I’m just stuck.


  6. I just checked Ebay, they have a range of Dell Alienware laptop batteries all under $100… some below $50! Free post too!

    Never used Apple so can’t help there i’m afraid.

    I’m pretty sure battery life has been badly affected by all the crap they make computers run in the background these days, those poor processors are working extra overtime and chewing up amps like they are going out of style to keep up. They do much, much more than they used to (that we never even notice) to make our lives ‘easier’ – haha.


  7. It’s amazing how quickly batteries start to die. My laptop is still okay but I notice other devices quickly need charging more and more frequently. When they say a particular electric car will do “200 miles on one charge”, for example, in six months of regular use will it only do 20?


    • I wonder about that too. If they can’t keep a computer running for more than a few years, what about those cars, eh? It’s good the new computers will work plugged in. What’s weird is that some of my OLD computers are still running on their original batteries and newer ones are dying. Is that intentional you think? To force us to keep buying new computers? They wouldn’t do something mean like that to us, would they?

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  8. My Apple computer is never connected when in use. It seems to have a good power storage, and I only recharge I when I am finished with itt, but needs only half an hour. My windows computer is always on power when I use it, it seems to have a short battery life. After an hour there is almost no reserve energy left if not plugged in. During the night and when not in use, they are never connected and at the moment things are OK. They are both 4-5 years old. My iPad is working well but it has the most capacity available. Even it’s predecessor is working, although has a few signs of old age and I have to do a restart now and again


    • This is the fastest I’ve ever lost a battery. But you know, stuff just happens. I’ve lost almost new hard drives for no reason. I’ve had memory go bad. I’ve had operating systems blow up too. If you use computers a lot, sooner or later everything is bound to happen. It was unfortunate it was that particular computer because the price they want for the battery is crazy … AND it’s a lot of work to install it. It would be less expensive to buy Garry a new computer, which is what I’m sure we’ll wind up doing eventually. But right now, there are other things I need to do — like get rid of the mice and the ants and fix the broken window and replace the bathroom sink or vanity.

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